Mystical Manifestations


Navyo visits (with his camera) the Gloucester Cathedral in England. “The cloisters are a masterpiece, a manifestation in stone of the mystical realms of the spirit,” he asserts.

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One chilly, somewhat overcast day in February, I visited the city of Gloucester, situated on the River Severn in the West Country of England.

Gloucester isn’t the most charismatic of English cities, but its centerpiece, the cathedral, made up for any disappointment I may have had. Entering this vast interior space, my eyes were brought upward along gothic fan vaults to the complex and esoteric stonework of the ceiling. The main massive stained glass window was the largest in the world when it was built in the 1350s.

But it was through a small door that my jaw dropped and my imagination began to soar. Here in the cloisters was a place of such beauty, so carefully, lovingy created, that I could not help but stand in awe at the astonishing moments that unfolded before me.

The combination of low, late afternoon sunlight and well-placed interior lighting made for a slowly evolving drama at every turn. It was truly a magical experience. Later, to no surprise, I learned that scenes from the Harry Potter films were shot here.

Even though this structure was created and used as part of religious doctrine, it was clear that the design and craftsmanship were motivated by pure devotion. It’s this devotion to a higher power that stirs and inspires me to make art, whether it be photography, design, music or writing.

The cloisters of Gloucester cathedral are a masterpiece, a manifestation in stone of the mystical realms of the spirit.

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