Jayamala (updated)


(16 April 1931 – 27 February 2018)


Venu and Sudhir write:

Ma Deva Jayamala and her beloved late husband, Swami Anand Devalaya, took sannyas from Osho in Pune in 1977. They returned to Seattle and started the Rajneesh Center there. In 1982 they became part of Rajneeshpuram in Oregon.

When the Ranch dissolved, Jayamala founded the Osho Women’s Meditation Group, which was joined by six Ma’s from Southern California. The group still meets once a month. It’s almost an all-day happening – music, discourse, all varieties of Osho meditations.

For many years Jayamala offered her home on the hilltop where the palm trees sway below and the Pacific Ocean is within walking distance. The tide rolls in, then rolls out beyond the musical sands. Most every evening when the sun goes down in the distant West, the sky produces an unbelievable array of color – orange, red, and pink.

Jayamala walked these hills and coastline a million times in meditation. This became an enduring grounding for her. One could see and feel it in her essence. We are truly grateful and blessed that such a beautiful woman crossed our path, and more than grateful that a loving sage, Osho, led the way.

Jayamala went suddenly, soaring high. She wouldn’t want it any other way. For some time she’d expressed her desire to float on a warm updraft, soar on a shaft of light, there to explore the ever new and wondrous. She left her body in Laguna Beach, California, surrounded by family and friends.

She is celebrated in life and in death by her two daughters, sister and brother-in-law, nieces and nephews, our Meditation Group, Osho Villa in San Clemente, and by everyone whose life she touched. Om Shanti Om.

Jayamala – flying free at last! Happy wings to you – we love you!


Devageet writes:

Jayamala was a unique person, quiet, meditative, loving and utterly devoted to Osho and his meditation. I first met her in Poona 1. She was there with Devalaya, her husband. Although they were a very loving couple, they each, individually, had their own connection to Osho; they were totally together yet one could sense they were individually with Osho.

It wasn’t always easy for Jayamala. On the Ranch she was close to Sheela, but she never lost her profound love for Osho. I met her in her negativity during the so-called chickenpox scare, which was a crude Sheela-way to empty Lao Tzu, Osho’s household, and insert her favourites. Jayamala was included in Sheela’s party to disturb, and perhaps destroy, Osho’s household of those sannyasins, chosen by him, not necessarily for their spiritual depths, but because they took care of his daily needs.

Osho was immensely practical, and his Lao Tzu people were his helpers. In particular, Sheela wanted her people, Puja and others, to be in charge of Osho’s daily medicines. Sheela tried to kill Amrito, Osho’s Doctor, Vivek, Osho’s personal helper, and she had a list of others she wanted to kill, including me. I was Osho’s dental surgeon.

All of this negativity about Sheela came out after she ran away from the Ranch, and her secretary sent letters to Osho detailing Sheela’s criminal intentions. The story is dark, and many sannyasins lost contact with Osho because of Sheela’s criminal actions.

I experienced Jayamala during that time. She was one of Sheela’s team sent to clean up Lao Tzu House, except it led to Sheela’s team in Osho’s House see how they were being misled by Sheela’s dangerous games.

Jayamala, with the US Federal arrests of Sheela and others, realized the trap she had fallen into simply by believing Sheela’s lies.

After Osho’s arrest for Sheela’s crimes, Jayamala and Devalaya went back to California, and started life anew. They had been shocked by Sheela, but their love for Osho pulled them through, brought them back to realizing they were, and always had been, Osho’s sannyasins. They had come through their dark night of the soul.

I met Kamala in 1994. We fell in love then, and it is still happening. During our time together I visited Jayamala and Devalaya in Laguna Beach many times. After Devalaya died of Prostate Cancer, Kamala and I would travel to visit Jayamala every year. She and I spoke of Sheela, and those Ranch days. Jayamala clearly saw now what could not see then. Her meditation deepened in these last years until it occupied her every day.

For the last 14 years of her life she too had breast cancer but, incredibly, she lived in joy and meditation, seeing her friends, helping others, always with an open heart.

She was a wonderful friend to so many. She will be missed by them. I miss her presence in my life now. I guess it will fade with time, but Jayamala’s love made a big impression on my heart. I will always remember sitting on her settee each morning for up to two hours, in the total silence that bathes Osho’s devotees.


Text by Venu and Sudhir and portrait thanks to Viha Connection Magazine – oshoviha.org/magazine – photo of Rajneeshpuram drive-by credit to Prabhat


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Jayamala has a special place in my heart! I loved her so much. She was sent to our Twinkie department when she arrived on the Ranch, to keep us a bit organised. We were flying here, there and everywhere and she was our anchor in the trailor. She dealt graciously wth all the visitors and journalists etc visiting the Ranch and made sure they were taken care of until one or other of us arrived back to take over!

But the best time I had with her was when I was banished by Sheela to the Portland Hotel as punishment. Jayamala was at the time ‘mom’ at the Portland Hotel and Sheela didn’t know I had such a good relationship with her. So, instead of it being a punishment, I had a really great time because we had so much fun together.

And she was the sexiest dancer! Wow!! I watched her dancing with Devalaya once! Wow again!

She was a wonderful, generous, loving woman – with always a quality of innocence shining through her – who brought joy to many people.

I am sure her journey to the other shore was serene, graceful and blissful. Love you, dear Jayamala.



For Jayamala
from Ananda Sarita

You were wed to life
And in the deepest recesses of the heart
You knew unfathomable beauty
You didn’t brag about your mystic and clairvoyant powers
You simply lived the mystery, day by day, hour by hour
Having the courage to dissolve all limitations
A swan in truth
Flying at last into the great beyond

May your journey be graced by infinite love


On the Day I Die
by Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks)

On the day I die
When I am being carried toward the grave,
Don’t weep, don’t say, He’s gone! He’s gone!
Death has nothing to do with going away.
The sun sets and the moon sets,
But they’re not gone.
Death is coming together.
The tomb looks like a prison
But it’s really release into union.
The human seed goes down in the ground
Like a bucket into a well
It grows and comes up with some unimagined beauty.
Your mouth closes here
And immediately opens with a shout of joy there.


Now you can soar on that shaft of light, beloved. Thank you for making my life richer, and everyone’s life who met you.



I remember Jayamala and Devalaya from the Ranch: two welcoming, joyous, gracious and fun-loving human beings. Thank you, Jayamala, for living fully as Osho’s sannyasin. Fly high, dear one. Love.



Just a few weeks ago I spoke with Jayamala by telephone. She inspired me with her expressions of joy and gratitude for her life and family. Looking back – in 1978, Jayamala and Devalaya invited me to their home to practice Osho’s mediations and to listen to his taped discourses. Jayamala and Devalaya were my spiritual parents who guided and nurtured me then, and throughout my journey with Osho.

To Kamala and family, I offer my deepest condolences.

Sw Pranesh


Dear Jayamala, I have thought of you so many times over these last 30+ years! Your true smile and warm embrace always brought me back to the moment when our paths crossed at your sweet home near Fauntleroy or at the Ranch. May you sore even higher!



Such a dear one… My favorite memory was the time I traveled to Rajneeshpuram from Portland in part for a haircut from a wonderful man. While there Jayamala came in and asked me why I wasn’t living there. Told her I was working to save money to come and her response, “No, you have to come Now!” Took her to heart, returned to Portland, gave notice where I worked and headed to Rajneeshpuram staying till the end a year later. Thank you beloved. Fly High….



Thank you for your advice the first time we met at the center in Seattle and the last time we met in Poona.

Fly high Jayamala,



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