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Rashid recently visited the resort in Kakkadampoyil, a small village 2300 feet above sea level, located in Malappuram District, Kerala, India. The village has recently emerged as a major tourist destination.

“The Great Way is not difficult for those who have no preferences…” said Hsing Hsing Ming but unfortunately I have a strong preference for Osho resorts and ashrams that display pictures of our beautiful master.  For many of us, the way of the heart (bhakti) is much stronger than the way of understanding (janani) although we all have an impulse for something of both paths.

So it was with the expectation of some difficulty that I approached Sattva Meditation Resort in the mountains of North Kerala. I had heard wonderful things about this newly-launched ‘Garden of Awakening’ from friends in Oshodham near Delhi (where there’s no shortage of photos of Osho) and had booked myself in for a two-week stay.

Indeed the approach is one of wonder as the car climbs and climbs for an hour through forests of coconut and betel palms, of rubber trees and bananas, cashew, mango, nutmeg: you name it – it grows here in abundance.

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And Sattva welcomes the arriving traveller with spectacular views, a range of elegant buildings, beautiful walkways, vivid ornamental shrubs and flowerbeds and, above all, heart-warming hospitality.

It is this open-heartedness of the founder, Swami Jeevan Vismai, and his young, energetic and mostly postgraduate staff that demolished my expectation of difficulty. Immediately I was made to feel more than accepted, positively welcomed and at home.

Jeevan seems to have the gift of inspiring and uniting people so that, amongst the staff, the paid workers and the meditators, there is a strong sense of harmony; the neighbours too are friendly and supportive.

Jeevan plans to offer meditation/mindfulness, not just to sannyasins and established seekers, but also to corporate and business groups who come to use the spacious facilities.

For me, the opportunity to live for a short while in such a community and in such an exquisite environment was a profound blessing. There are meditations happening in the lofty pyramid throughout the day, there is beautifully cooked organic food from their own farm, there is water you can drink from the tap, there is both dormitory and rooms with balconies for accommodation; the whole place is run on eco-friendly lines, there are stunning views and mountain walks, rare birds, an occasional monkey, a lot of silence, a joyous atmosphere and a strong sense of the invisible Osho. What more could one ask for!

Oh yes! An Ayurvedic Wellness Centre is there hidden in the 10 acres of greenery.

Spending time at Sattva is a great way to travel The Great Way.

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