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A short story narrated to Anuragi by Vishnu who, as a 23-year-old, met Osho in October 1972 in Mt. Abu where he took three photographs, published here for the first time.

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One day in Mt. Abu, the organisers announced that the following day, after the morning meeting, Osho would give 30 minutes to Vijay Bharti, the photographer. Those who wanted photos to be taken together with Osho, could have them clicked.

The next day, I got ready for the photo session. I had a box camera, Click Third, which was an amateur camera. I thought it was a good opportunity to have a photo taken together with Osho, and then also to take two or three photos of Osho myself.

When I arrived, I saw Osho sitting in a chair on the lawn. I heard Osho ask those who had already gathered how well they were understanding the Upanishads. “Was it easy to understand?” During those days, Osho was known as Acharya Rajneesh. So to me, this sounded like a college professor asking students if the lecture was easy to understand. I thought he was indeed a professor and the reason why he was asking that way. An Indian friend who was there answered in a particular way, “Yes it is very good and every leaf on the trees is understanding it well.” I remember those words distinctly.

With my amateur camera I clicked two photos at that time. The third photo, where a person is touching Osho’s feet, was taken in a place where in the afternoon we would meet for Kirtan. Osho used to sit under a tree where a small stage was set. People used to sing Kirtan with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. And then they would go and touch his feet.

About the Mt. Abu camp in October 1972

The meditation camp was held at the Scout Ground, where about 1000 people could attended. Osho stayed in the Circuit House, which was 2 to 3 miles from the campsite.

During the camp Osho used to have three meetings. The morning meeting would start at 8 am. He would speak for one and a half hours. First one hour in Hindi and then 30 minutes in English. After the discourse, it was Dynamic Meditation for one hour. The morning meeting lasted for two and a half hours.

In the afternoon, Osho came and sat silently. There was spontaneous Kirtan singing. Anyone who wanted to touch his feet could do that. And anyone wanting to take sannyas or meet him, could do that also in the afternoon.

The evening meetings also lasted for two and a half hours. Discourse was for one and a half hours. One hour in Hindi and 30 minutes in English. After the discourse, Osho conducted the Tratak Meditation.

This camp lasted for 9 days.

The negatives of these photos were left in USA after Vishnu moved to India a year back. Vishnu’s bag came to India recently in which these negatives were kept and he immediately sent them to Anuragi for sharing with all Osho’s lovers. Photos retouched by Osho News.

Update 16.3.2018: Corrected time of start of morning session. It previously read 6 am.

AnuragiCalcutta-born Anuragi is a specialist for stainless steel applications. He took sannyas in the early eighties and is a passionate photographer.
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Anuragi was also instrumental in getting together and scanning Satish’s photos shown in Osho in Jalandhar, 1967 – 1968.

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