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Sifu Freddie Lee, a Kung Fu teacher and practitioner, speaks about Osho’s impact on him and the message given out by the media.

“I don’t care what the article says, I don’t care what the video says, the documentary, I don’t care what Wikipedia says – I am a follower of truth and when I read his [Osho’s] books, I am drawn to his messages, and I can feel the truth in what I am reading. The way that he sees things, the way he expresses his ideas, coincide with what I feel inside.”

“I love his teachings because his teachings are not just something that I follow, its that the teachings are something that’s already in me – before I even knew about him – as a statement he was just expressing it in his own way, in his own time, and I happened to fall upon his teachings and discovered that his teachings coincide with what I feel inside.”

“He’s had a huge impact on people’s lives back then and he continues to have a huge impact on people’s lives even today, that says something. No matter how much they try to assassinate his character, the truth is there is something special within his expression that not everybody can see.”

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