Osho: ‘The life and legacy of’

Healing & Meditation

A 22 minute mini-docu on video about Osho by TV host Loran von Liebenstein aka ‘Von Lieb’ and DJ Lodewyck ‘Lo’ Berghuys from the Netherlands.

They explore “the life and legacy of the controversial and mystical Guru Bhagwan Rajneesh – later known as Osho.”

What he [Osho] discusses is actually why do all beliefs and religions have to be sort of sado-masochistic… they are always about self-inflicting pain, instead of why can’t everything just be beautiful and happy and celebrative?

An inspiring and alive interview with Prabuddha leads to the participation of the two (donned in maroon robes) in Osho’s Dynamic Meditation with full positive results.

Music credits: Curtis Mayfield – Pusher man

Video footage credits: “Gods Of The New Age” – documentary copyright by www.jeremiahfilms.com (we do not own the footage)

Big thanks to:
# Prabuddha & Tarangita from the Osho Mevlana Commune in Amsterdam
# Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho
# Jan Renders and his Rolls Royce
# You TEAM:
Directed by: Loran von Liebenstein
Camera: Peter de Jong

Thanks to Kul Bhushan

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