Friends, love and laughter

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An unusual party that Premyoga’s nephew, Eli, recently attended in California – set to the theme WWC… it’s all in the family.

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Premyoga wrote, “I find the younger generation is getting very interested in Osho after they saw the docu-series Wild Wild Country. My nephew had tons of questions and likely would have been there if he had been born earlier!”

Eli’s friend, Richard Hungerford, was celebrating his bachelor party on May 26, 2018 when his close group of friends came together. It was reported that Richard was dressed up as ‘the Rajneesh’, or in his case, the ‘Richneesh’, while the ‘followers’ wore a mishmash of dark pinks, orange and reds. Much like the real Bhagwan, they travelled in style – a stretch limousine that all 18 of them crammed into.

They spent the day in Joshua Tree, climbing boulders, taking solo walks and mostly laughing with each other. The real argument of the day was who would be ‘the Sheela’. It was decided the honor would go to Willy as he had prepared all the sandwiches.

Richard said, “Although we’re not followers of Osho, there were many of his philosophies and quotes that resonated with us. In a day of friends, love and laughter, this one stood out the most: ‘Friendship is the purest love. It is the highest form of love where nothing is asked for, no condition, where one simply enjoys giving.'”

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