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What ‘Wild Wild Country’ didn’t say  – 57 answers from a teenage resident

Dickon Kent, son of Veetasmi (aka Persephone) comments to questions asked of him about living as a teenager in Rajneeshpuram. Published in Medium on April 17, 2018

‘Wild, Wild Country’ reveals a brawling, messy microcosm of our brawling, messy world

Steve Bramucci in Uproxx on April 13, 2018: "The tale of the Rajneesh commune in Oregon is a tale of regular people (and some extraordinary ones) in all of their beautiful, [...]

A conversation about ‘Wild Wild Country’ with a news cameraman who was embedded on Rajneeshpuram

Cameraman Milt Ritter, who covered events at Rajneeshpuram for KGW News, is interviewed by Steve Bramucci for Uproxx, published on April 6, 2018.

WWC’s Pinks and and Reds

Article in The New York Times shows that the original sannyas colours have become a new fashion trend in New York.

‘Wild Wild Country’ depicts an American construct of Osho – incomplete and superficial

Despite all the amazing qualities that make 'Wild Wild Country' an interesting watch, the creators of the show, Chapman Way and Maclain Way, fail miserably in doing justice to the [...]

Wild Wild Country: Cult doc directors answer all your burning questions

Filmmakers Chapman and Maclain Way dissect the hit Netflix series’s most memorable moments, give the sannyasins the “where are they now” treatment, and re-examine its [...]

‘Wild Wild Country’ directors say they are ‘definitely’ open to a sequel

The brothers Chapman and Maclain Way spoke to Nathan McAlone in a recent interview for Business Insider. Published on March 30, 2018.

Paradise lost as guru flees  - “It’s all a joke.”

Nick Licata remembers visiting Rajneeshpuram after Osho had left and been arrested in Charlotte, just before the Ranch closed. Published on Medium, March 23, 2018.

Makes you go, ‘Hey Bhagwan!’

Miraculously, Wild Wild Country, a documentary series, is what everyone around me is binge-ing on. So must you, writes Mayank Shekhar in Mid-Day, India. Published on March 27, [...]

I love his teachings

Sifu Freddie Lee, a Kung Fu teacher and practitioner, speaks about Osho's impact on him and the message given out by the media.

Wild Wild Country: The story behind the story

Osho International's statement in regard to the docuseries 'Wild Wild Country', posted on Facebook by Pratap.

Interviews with the directors of Wild Wild Country

A phone interview conducted by Matt Novak of Paleofuture-Gizmodo with the directors on the docuseries Wild Wild Country, Chapman Way and Maclain Way - plus video interviews by [...]

Wild Wild Country: 8/10 stars

Review by Adam Patterson, published on Film Pulse, March 12, 2018. Release date of the docu-series: March 16, 2018 on Netflix.

Wild Wild Country (trailer)

A new Netflix series, to be shown starting on March 16, will take you behind the controversial history of Osho in their upcoming documentary. Published in the Hindustan Times, [...]