Celebration in Downtown Manhattan


July 1, 2018: Opening of the new Padma Meditation & Holistic Centre in New York City.

6W 14th Street, Manhattan
Padma NYC core group with Milarepa visiting
Construction starts
Construction work at Padma NYC
Three layers of the ceiling insulation
Ceiling insulation
Sanding the floor of the meditation hall
Still wet varnished floor
The floor is finished!
Almost done!
Zen patio

The opening of the new medtation centre in downtown New York will be celebrated next Sunday with a day of meditation and celebration, including live music by Milarepa and his One Sky Band. The centre is located at 6 West 14th Street, near Union Square, amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, truly reflecting what Osho says about ‘meditation in the marketplace’.

Osho’s activities have been present in the Big Apple since 1977, when Satya Priya opened a centre in her own home in Barrow Street. A few months after her death last May, the lease of her flat expired and the people who had been looking after the centre when Priya became ill, decided to find something new. Temporarily they rented a dance/theatre space where they offered meditations three times a week. However, the space – being just functional – did not have the right feeling, so they kept looking. Finally they found a beautiful space on 14th Street, with high ceilings and the luxury of an outside patio, and signed the lease at the end of March.

The renovation started on 15th April; separation walls were taken out, new floors put in, triple isolated ceilings put up to create a fully soundproof meditation hall. There is also a separate session/therapy room and the patio will become a mini Zen garden for afternoon tea ceremonies.

The programme offered at the center will be Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation six times a week, Zazen in the mornings and Nadabrahma before lunch. Sundays are meditation and celebration days. Starting with a music satsang they go through many of Osho’s active and silent meditations – and more celebration. Padma NYC is also intending to put into their programme meditative therapies like No Mind, see their website oshopadmanyc.com or facebook.com/padmanyc/ for details.

The opening day’s schedule is:

11am Laughter / Dance meditation
1pm Lunch break
2pm Celebration
3:30pm Kundalini Meditation
5pm Drinks and gossip

The ten people of the core group cannot yet pull down their sleaves. More needs to be done: building of cabinets for cushions and mats, new steps to the patio, complete the garden on the patio, repaint some of the walls – they are not happy with the contractors’ work – and all the finer details to make the centre look really beautiful. And, eventually, a new PA system needs to be purchased…

If you can’t make it to New York on Sunday, July 1, but wish to contribute to Padma NYC you can go to www.youcaring.com

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Thanks to information sent by Arpana and given by Meera (in person!)
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