Quality Time: The Equivocal Return of Lizzie Borden

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Bhagawati reviewed S D Anugyan’s recently published book which she read in one go as she was unable to put it down.

From his latest book it is obvious that Anugyan has explored an intriguing new voice to create a livre noire, a deep thriller. A challenging read with at times uncommon vocabulary that further enhances the descriptive prose; landscapes and sceneries open uncannily before one’s inner eye.

Quality TimeThis tale is about three families living in rural Devon, England. One of them has been keeping their deadly secrets so far successfully under wraps, the second lot are rather anarchic, and the third is unexplained and still evolving. The kick-off is given when it is revealed to the deadly-secrets family that their daughter is a reincarnation of Lizzie Borden.

For those unfamiliar with this name it must be explained that she was an American woman best known for being the main suspect in the 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts. She was tried and acquitted of the murders. The case was a cause célèbre throughout the United States and speculation about the crimes still continues more than 100 years later.

To me the story was such a gripping read because at no point could I figure out where the narrative was going; there were so many possibilities that could emerge with the next sentence – and they did.

It is a wicked kind of book not only describing brilliantly a dysfunctional family but also all other characters are splendidly depicted. And as another surprise for readers of Anugyan’s books, the chapter with ‘The Wonderful Secrets of the Fourth Monkey’ is exquisitely erotic.

A timeless tale with a stimulating plot, erotic interludes and even a depiction of a parallel world between two characters. How good can it get? Highly recommended for all those who like a unique thriller and have a sense of humour.

Review by Bhagawati

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AnugyanDharma Anugyan was born in North Scotland, and spent some of his formative years with the Findhorn Community. He took sannyas in 1983, lived all over the world and is currently residing near Land’s End in Cornwall, England. His eclectic career includes microbiology technician, archivist, vegetarian chef, construction worker, science and English teacher, and Feng Shui consultant. He has written and directed two plays, written and co-written screenplays; and written seven books. Visit S. D. Anugyan at Amazon

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