(18 April 1949 – 30 August 2018)

Im Park

Gitprem (Jürgen Berchner) was born in Bavaria, Germany. His parents were refugees and had to start their life from afresh; for a few years they all lived in one room. He was the only child. His parents separated when he was about 12 years old which turned him against his father.

During his schooling years he spent a year abroad in the USA which brought him in contact with the American way of life and perfected his English.

He went on studying Business Administration and became politically very active, in some cases even ultra-left, and lived in flatshares.

Then he met Osho (then Bhagwan) through a friend. He still completed his studies as a sign of gratitude towards his parents, but left everything behind at the age of 30. He followed Osho, also later to the USA. In Pune he learned massage techniques, Colourpuncture and became an Aura Soma therapist. He learned more and more also about astrology, but also worked there in other jobs. He put his passion and energy into being close to Osho again and again.

After Osho left his body he followed a call to move to Hawai where he lived for about six years, then to Ibiza, where his father lives with his stepmother. He was anxious to find reconciliation with him. That, however, took place later.

After four years he left Ibiza, briefly moved to Taiwan and from there, in 2000, to Germany. That’s where his mother lived. He cared for her and visited as often as he could, accompanied her intensively during the time when dementia enveloped her and when she died, in 2014.

His intention after Osho’s death was to be ready to jump into the river again and again when life offered or demanded it. His devotion and trust in this path was profound. And so he went on searching and learning; open to other spiritual teachers, such as Panash Desai, Matt Kahn, and deeply touched by Ram Dass. He had a few friends and clients who accompanied him through the various phases. He came to know love and lived it in all its facets.

In 2015 he had a minor stroke which motivated him to be more physically active and to devote himself completely to the topic of healing and transformation. He was often in nature and in water as often as possible.

Gitprem died peacefully and unexpectedly of a heart attack. He was alone and yet, days before, had prepared himself and said his goodbyes.

Aloha, love lived, Gitprem, you sang the song of love. A great heart has entered creation and become one.

Text and photos thanks to Rana, his former girlfriend, via Veetman


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Bye, dear Gitprem, such a long time ago we met and I do remember you vividly right now… Fly high in love, dear friend ?


Hi Gitprem,

Was just standing on our Osho Times terrace in Cologne Buddhafield, watching the clouds and suddenly I thought of you. How is he doing?

5 minutes later I am reading in Osho News that you left your body.

We were working together in the Cologne Buddhafield kitchen. You were my kitchenboss and pressed my buttons any possibility that came along. Oh, how much I struggled and grumbled and railed about you and on top I had to bring you coffee in the morning, so you get up on time (that was a device from one of the Mamas for me – I had bitterly complained that you were never punctual for work! and that I had to do everything alone, yeah, yeah!)

But that specific situation and to learn dealing with it and to stay open to you changed my whole attitude and we started respecting each other. Many years later, whenever we met, there was a loving and sweet and friendly connection. Farewell, you sweet song of love and thank you for everything. Love,



Beloved Gitprem,

Such a kind soul you are.

It has been at least 15 years that we last met, but I remember you clearly. May your passage be a gentle one. Fly high, my friend! Love,



Gitprem, dear friend, I remember beautiful moments of shared kindness, adventures and precious caring, for which I thank you again.

Your body has gone to ashes, your being has returned to the ground of being. What remains here is the fragrance of your gentle being in our hearts. Go lightly to the other shore!



Beloved Gitprem,

seeing you gives my heart a warm rush.
Thank you for your clear, honest sensitivity when sharing live themes at tea break in Pune.
Still works as a good reminder…
Thank you



Dear Gitprem, i am sad to read you go! Thanks for the times we met, talked and laughed! I will always remember your sweet smile! Wish you a happy journey ahead! Farewell!



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