Many of you have been with me in the past

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In answer to a question, Osho says that all boundaries are dissolving in this commune, as it is a meeting of old friends.

Osho with Siddhartha


as more people come and take sannyas and more days pass, it seems that many of us grow together – stronger and stronger without even meeting much.
It seemed to me when you spoke of the ‘new community’ that somehow it is an old community of friends, reuniting again through your love and grace.

Thank you, Osho

Yes, Prasad, that’s how it is. Many of you have been with me in the past. Many of you have been together with each other in the past. It is a meeting of old friends. You have forgotten – I have not forgotten. And sooner or later you will also start remembering.

This new commune is going to be one of the oldest things on the earth, very ancient-most. And travellers from different paths have come – travellers from different directions and dimensions. Jews are here and Mohammedans are here and Hindus and Jains and Buddhists and Christians and Taoists – all kinds of people are here. All cultures are meeting here; all religions pouring into each other. And a natural synthesis will arise. We are not creating any synthesis, but it is happening on its own.

The universal man can be born only out of such a commune – the man who will not be a Christian and will not be a Jew and will not be a Hindu and will not be Indian and will not be Chinese and will not be German. All boundaries are dissolving here.

And you are certainly not new. You have been here long enough, you have lived long enough. Many many lives you have been passing. And you have brought many riches; you have brought great heritages with you. And once all those heritages are poured into one pool, it will be one of the richest phenomena that has ever happened or can ever happen.

Osho, Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind, Ch 9, Q 6

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