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Review of Devaraj Sandberg’s book by Ananda Sarita.

Ashram, ashramThis is a very touching book – a modern-day rite of passage for a British urban seeker who discovers his emotional and sexual plenitude through an immersion into Active Mediation and Group Therapy.

Written from the vantage point of the inside of his mind, one follows Ed’s trials and tribulations into the heart of sexual- and consciousness-raising experiences. Spiritual awakening is garbed in a multi-layered rainbow of awakening through life and love. While journeying with the hero of this book from naivety to revelation, the reader may laugh or cry when reliving the own foibles and own blessedness as an intrepid seeker of truth.

The touchstone of this book is Devaraj’s wry humour that lightens each and every page. This book reminds me of Osho’s statement, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.” Each unique being is a mystery, hidden behind veils of supposed problems. As we unveil in totality while still enjoying the cosmic joke, we discover universal energy which is vaster than any concept, theory, method or relationship. And yet, here we are in human form, with societal conditioning marking our steps.

I really love the way Devaraj leads the reader, through his character Ed, into and beyond all the cringe-worthy moments of initiation, offering an understanding that transformation of consciousness is waiting for anyone courageous enough to take a step deeper into him or herself. The movement of personal development and consciousness-raising that is sweeping the world, goes largely unnoticed by the mainstream. This book helps to create a bridge between a normal urban human model of life into the new world, which runs parallel to the mainstream; a world where feelings matter, where love matters, where consciousness is king.

Review by Ananda Sarita

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Devaraj TNBritish-born Devaraj took sannyas in 2001 at the Osho Humaniversity in Holland, shortly after reading Osho’s Tantra: The Supreme Understanding. He has been living at Osho Leela in Dorset, UK since 2002, where he is now one of the directors. Ten years ago, having completed his own therapist training, he started leading workshops in emotional expression and bioenergetics and working with clients, specialising in holding space for intense therapeutic process. He also organises and co-hosts the annual Sexuality Gathering at Osho Leela.

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