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A video by Shantidharm he took while visiting the Kennin-ji temple and its gardens in Kyoto, Japan.

Last September I was in Japan for a month together with Deepa. We presently live in the South of France. Deepa was born in Japan but, since she left in 1973, she has spent more time in different European countries and the USA than in Japan.

We visited the area around Kyoto and Lake Biwa-ko. Deepa’s cousin, the only family relation she has left in Japan, let us use a small house, located between Osaka and Kyoto. We took many photos and videos of the places we visited.

Here is a video of Kennin-ji in Kyoto, a Zen temple we visited and truly appreciated each time we have come to Japan; it has a beautiful meditation vibe. However, it is recommended to go and visit it when there are not too many tourists around. We suggest early morning or late evening if you want to meditate or just enjoy the temple and the gardens.

Kennin-ji is the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto. It belongs to the Rinzai tradition. The temple was founded by Yousai in 1202. Yousai brought tea seeds back from his travels to China and popularized the practice of drinking green tea. He is recognized as the founder of the tea ceremony because of his efforts to encourage the cultivation and consumption of tea.

Rinzai is one of the most loved masters in the tradition of Zen.

The first transmission of the light happened between Gautam Buddha and Mahakashyapa. The second great transmission happened between Bodhidharma and his successor. Bodhidharma took the ultimate experience of consciousness from India to China; Rinzai introduced the same consciousness, the same path of entering into oneself, from China to Japan.

These three names – Mahakashyapa, Bodhidharma and Rinzai – stand like great peaks of the Himalayas.

[…] A buddha can move with absolute freedom in the marketplace. Those who renounce the world are the cowards, the escapists, and they have destroyed all the religions of the world. All the religions are in the hands of the cowards.

Osho, Rinzai: Master of the Irrational, Ch 1

ShantidharmShantidharm is the co-founder of Meditationfrance, a successful online platform for holistic therapies in France. He lives in South of France with his partner, the Japan-born Deepa.

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