…left his body on 11th January 2019.

Aurelio and spyral
Aurelio with third eye


Prem Aurelio (Auro Proietti) was an eclectic artist and performer, a researcher of the essence of sound, crystals and stones and as an artist worked with countless other materials.

He taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City and was the forerunner of crystal therapy which he started in 1978. He led worldwide countless trainings and internships related to healing&painting, the power of crystals and sound; and he developed various systems of healing and self-healing.

For many years he was a group leader in the Mystery School (Osho School of Mysticism) of the Osho Multiversity in Pune. In 1990 he co-founded Shamanic Reiki and held trainings, performances and internships in many parts of the world.

Aurelio also created public works and his artwork was exhibited in various museums, in Rome, Bonn, Mexico City, among others. His jewellery is sold in the gift shops of the Guggenheim Museum in New York and in that of the Louvre Museum in Paris; and some of his works are available through Christie’s.

He was the president of the Hara Academy in Rome and a writer for the arts section of Re Nudo magazine.

Text based on his LinedIn bio – alert thanks to Divyo and Kamala – photos credit to Kamala, Pashyo, Vineeto


Aurelio’s Signals – Multi-media projections – in Osho News’ virtual Art Gallery

Aurelio’s letter to his friends

Hello everyone, yesterday, January 11, 2019, at 6 am, I flew away into another dimension, with my daughter, my most precious jewel, next to me. I finally transcended the suffering that encased my physical body, and my soul is now finally free to fly away in the meanders of the mystery of life and the universe.

I have lived a wonderful earthly life, filled with joy, adventure, creativity and magical encounters. I am eternally grateful to existence for the life I have lived. I have been lucky to receive and give so much, to inspire and be inspired with infinite love. I am grateful to all those I have met on my journey; I am grateful to all of you, my friends and loved ones, for enriching my life with love, joy and creative sharing.

I love you and I will continue to be part of your lives. You will find me in your heart, the morning light, the trees, the most vibrant colours, the snowy mountains and green pastures, the sea, the sand, the flowers, the plants, the sky and the sun at sunset, the water, the fire, the earth, the air, in any form of art (the true one), in sounds, music and stars.

Wherever and whenever you connect to your heart and creativity I will be there. I thank Osho… now I am reunited with him, with my mother, my father, my brother, my niece, with friends I haven’t seen for a long time, with my beloved Raffaello, Vermeer, Frida, Leonardo, Giordano Bruno and so on… Hurray to the journey that is waiting for me in the meanders of the galaxies and the music of the spheres!

I remind you to celebrate the life we have shared together, celebrate and celebrate me with infinite love… now I’m free, hurray! I am going towards the light… and I leave you my art so that it can continue to enrich your spirit and the spirit of this earthly world, forever reminding you that art is the greatest healing. And then I leave you my most magnificent work of art, my absolute masterpiece: my daughter. Eternally grateful. Ad maiora!

Sannyas darshan

[Prem Aurelio: the golden phenomenon of love]

Nothing is more precious than it. It is the Kohinoor – the ultimate diamond, the inexhaustible treasure.

For centuries alchemists all over the world have been trying to transform baser metal into gold. They were not really trying to change baser metal into gold. It was only symbolic; they were using metaphors. They created a facade around themselves just to protect them from the ugly church, because the established church was very much against anything that was not part of the church.

The alchemists were really working in a different dimension. Their chemistry was just a show to befool the church and the people; hiding behind that facade, they were transforming consciousness from the lowest point to the highest. That was their real work, and that’s my work too.

This is an alchemist’s school, and love is the bridge from the lowest to the highest. Love is the ladder: it touches the lowest – the sex center, and it touches the greatest, the highest, in you – the God center. Love is the only way to transform you. It can make you golden. Live a life of love and you live a religious life.

Osho, Don’t Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself, Ch 45, 15 September 1979 pm


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Un Amico Amato con il quale ho condiviso parte della mia vita, della mia energia e meditazione a Poona, nella Osho Mystery School e nelle case private per poi continuare a condividere tutto ciò e l’Arte a Roma. Un Amico che ringrazio infinitamente dal più profondo del mio cuore.

As Osho told you in your initiation, you had to be an alchemist, turning metal into gold… and you certainly did. You were and you are a jewel, a precious one! I’ll miss you so much Auro, but the endless journey of love and art is here and now for ever!!

Working and sharing with you, in Pune and so many other places was always such joy! You are meeting so many beloveds that flown into the mystery of the beyond. Love you.

I did not have the chance to meet Auro in Poona. I first met him when I had Osho I Delfini M.C. In Rome and since then there was a very strong love friendship. He loved art, he loved people, always ready to help. We used to talk a lot and to share experiences.
Fly high my friend.
With all my love,

Beloved Aurelio, our connection will still continue. It has changed to pure love. Thank You for Your advice. I will never forget.

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