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Swaram recollects Osho’s life and writes about what Osho means to him; the eternal call of awakening.


Osho speaks the eternal truth, the timeless wisdom, the perennial law of existence that all sages spoke about before him and will speak about after him. In Buddhist terms, the Dhamma. The Dhamma transcends time and space and is accessible to seekers of all times.

Naturally, Osho the man belongs to his time. He incarnated on 11th December 1931, in between the world wars, a very dark and critical moment in history which caused immense suffering and despair. Osho’s work spanned from the mid 60s to 1990. This was an extremely exciting time, full of experimentation and creativity. It was a time where in the Western part of the world, young people were protesting against the status quo. It was time to say “NO” and find alternatives. It was time to rebel and reject the narrative passed on by previous generations.

Since childhood, Osho was pure “rebelliousness in action”. Even as a small child he would not allow his independence and intelligence to be compromised. He would not accept any dogma or impositions from his parents, teachers, educators and religious leaders. And, as a mature man, he was loved by the rebellious crowd emerging and protesting against the rotten past.

This was a wonderful synchronicity, a “divine accident”, as if perfectly orchestrated by existence itself. However, Osho goes far beyond his historical context. Osho is an eternal rebel, exactly like all other real Masters of the past: from Bodhidharma, to Socrates and from Jesus to Zarathustra. These exceptional beings, do belong to a particular social and geographical frame, however what they stand for transcends those time/space boundaries.

Osho represents the eternal call to awakening.

I look with gratitude and fascination to those rebellious young people who had the courage to break with the past and join Osho when he was in the body. I love watching the videos of the 70s and 80s during the communes in India and Oregon. I look with awe at the images of the sannyasins who were fortunate to meet Osho, the magnificent Buddha, in the flesh. And were fortunate to imbibe his energy live, and being part of that wonderful experiment to provoke God.

That’s gone. But is it really? Yes, the frame is no more, but the content is very much there.

I never met Osho in his physical form, but his message is alive in me. His message is valid today and for future generations to come. Osho’s energy and consciousness are available right now and will always be available to whoever is thirsty for truth, at any point in time.

And that’s true for every Master of the past. But with Osho we are even more fortunate. Out of his infinite compassion, Osho did not pose any precondition to take his help. He extended his hand to anyone, he is ready to work with everybody. Osho is ready to sow the seeds even if they will take many lives to grow. Osho means YES, his invitation is always valid.

Osho’s way of working with his disciples is very mysterious indeed. Osho combined a fine intellect and scientific approach to inexplicable mysticism. Osho is a unique Master who made a unique promise. He promised to be always available to his people, anytime and anywhere. What a gift! What that means, is for you to discover, for all of us; yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Osho IS here and now. Osho is eternal presence.

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