Remember neti, neti – not this, not that!

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (113)


What is truth?
This much at least can be said:
It cannot be defined,
so forget about all definitions,
drop all evaluations and interpretations –
these are all mind games,
all creatures of thought.
What is, is beyond the mind.

Osho looking up

Thoughts are as unaware of reality
as the waves are of the peace of the lake.
With waves
the lake loses its tranquillity;
when the lake is calm
then the waves cannot exist.
One has to know that-which-is
Its interpretation is very different from knowing it.
Interpretations take one astray –
they are as illusory as scarecrows.
The seeker of truth has to be wary of words.
Words are not the truth,
truth cannot be words.
Truth is an experience,
truth is reality,
and the path to it is neti, neti
neither this nor that.

Drop explanations,
drop definitions,
drop scriptures and doctrines,
remember neti, neti – not this, not that!
Then drop I and thou
and say neti, neti.
What is left manifest in the emptiness –
that is truth,
and that alone is.
All else is dream.

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