The crippled cannot tolerate somebody else dancing

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Osho states, “How should the crippled be prevented from destroying the dancers?”

And when fifty million people die around you, can you smile? can you dance? can you celebrate?

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What of the cripple who hates dancers, of the retarded people who hate the genius, who have crucified Jesus Christ, who have killed Al Hillaj Mansoor, who were the people in Athens who poisoned Socrates – all that is contained in this simple sentence, that the crippled cannot tolerate somebody else dancing.

Athens was at its peak of civilization and culture – still, far below the genius of Socrates. They could not tolerate him; they could not fly that high. It was offensive. The only way they found was, “destroy this man, because he reminds us again and again that we are crippled.”

What law is there, Almustafa is asking, that the dancers can be protected from the crippled ones?

[…]¬†How should the crippled be prevented from destroying the dancers?

How should the dumb be prevented from destroying the singers?

There is only one way: Even if a man is crippled, he has hidden in him some talent; help him to bring his talent and express it. A crippled person can paint, a crippled person can meditate, a crippled person can write poetries, a crippled person can be the best singer in the world. Rather than focusing on destroying the dancers, give the cripple education, facilities, so he does not feel in any way inferior to anybody.

Osho, The Messiah, Vol 1, Ch 23 (excerpt)

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