One love will change this world


Nirvan writes, “When you learn to love yourself, you will naturally love everyone.”

Love Your Self

There is one truth in this world most everyone denies. The truth I am writing about is “All humans are one and the same.” Most humans will not even begin to entertain or to understand or agree with this truth; they will dismiss it out of hand. Very few ever realize this truth, which should be obvious.

This truth should be obvious, because it is obvious all dogs are the same, all cats, all cows, all animals of a species are one and the same. Of course, all have differences, too. Nature does not repeat anything. Just as all blades of grass are unique, all animals of a species exhibit different colors, shapes, and behaviors.

We refuse to realize all humans are one and the same, because there are some humans we love and some we hate. All humans cannot all be the same to us, because of what we believe. Everything we believe colors our perceptions; we are predisposed to love or hate people based on differences we observe.

I have two favorite subjects, love and death. Both are fascinating and they are both interrelated, yet not obviously. Most humans do not love themselves, many wish they could. Many would like to be able to love themselves, because they have observed their life would be easier in so many ways were they able to.

People who would like to love themselves, may have observed a part of themselves hates instead of loves themselves. In exactly the same way we learned to love or hate others, we have learned to love or hate ourselves. This because we are all one and the same.

When you learn to love yourself, you will naturally love everyone. If you believe you love yourself and you do not love everyone, I must tell you that you are deluding yourself. Your love is only conditional to your beliefs you are attached to.

My first teacher, a wise and rare woman of very few words, used to say to us disciples, “All you have to do is be willing to die.” It took many years for me to realize that to let go of all I believed, to evolve beyond all the lies I had been taught by the world, in order to love myself I would have to be willing to die.

To be willing to die, is to no longer know. The fear of death is the fear of losing all that is known. The only barrier to love on this planet are beliefs we were all taught as children when we were too young to understand they were all lies.

One of the wisest teachers, J. Krishnamurti said, “You are the world, the world is you.” He understood we have all been programmed and conditioned by the world we grew up in, to hate and to continue the status quo of wars and endless suffering. Once you observe your mind is your attachment to the insanity of this world, you can evolve past it and discover you are love. One love will change this world.

Osho says, “When we say god is love it is possible that he may be many more things too. But when we say love is god, then god is only love, there is nothing else. Then there is only one quality which becomes supreme. Then love is not one of the attributes of god but his very soul.

And that’s my message: love is the very soul of god. If you can understand love you will be able to understand god; if you can live love you will be able to live god.

Being a sannyasin means taking a jump into the world of love, a quantum leap from the world of mundane things: money, power, prestige. Jumping into the world of love means a tremendous change, a radical change, because love has no concern with the mundane things, with ordinary things, with trivia. Love is certainly concerned with the highest values of life: with poetry, with beauty, with music, with painting, with life, with death. Love’s concerns are of the ultimate. It is love that opens the door for the ultimate. And if one allows oneself to be possessed by love then nothing else is needed. Love does the work for you: it consumes all that is meaningless in you. It is a fire that purifies, and out of it comes pure gold.”

Nirvan TNNirvan was born and grew up in New York City and found Osho in 1981 while living in Amsterdam. He read two pages of ‘Only One Sky’ and having recognized Osho, he was ready to go to Pune when he heard Osho was in the US, a country he had left forever; so he thought. He took sannyas and spent 3 years at the Ranch, loving it. He lives in Marin County, California, does some counseling and teaches sailing.

Quote by Osho from
Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones, Ch 31  (unpublished excerpt)

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