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Osho answers to the question if scientists are contributing to a science of enlightenment, and can one do so without being enlightened.

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Beloved Osho,

Modern scientists like Karl Pribram, David Bohm and others, have been stumbling on religion. They have been stating that our brains may be holograms, interpreting a holographic universe; that certain circuits in the brain are the trigger of consciousness without a content, that it is the analytical, the thinking part of the mind, that creates separation and fragmentation while the intuitive part experiences reality in a holistic way; that energy is a limited term needing to be replaced by a wave concept.

They are proposing ‘resonance’ and ‘synchroncity’ as more appropriate terms.

Beloved Osho, when you are talking about the mind do you mostly mean the thinking part – the one which creates our belief systems and personalities?

Is it enough to totally disidentify with the thinking, or does the mind altogether – including the conscious and the superconscious – need to be transcended?

Is the universe, is existence made of mind stuff?

Are these scientists contributing to a science of enlightenment, and can one do so without being enlightened?

No, that’s impossible; nobody can create a science of enlightenment without being enlightened himself.

That would be just like blind people creating a science of light, or people who have never known love creating a science of love.

Enlightenment is absolutely necessary for any understanding of what it is.

Listening to your question… the scientists are trying something which is beyond their field.

Enlightenment is not of the mind.

Enlightenment is freedom from the mind; it is transcending mind, it is going beyond mind. And all these scientists you mention are talking about mind.

Enlightenment has nothing to do with mind; it has something to do with awareness of the mind. It does not go into the details of the mind, what it consists of, how it functions, all its mechanics.

Awareness is simply disidentification with the mind; mind is left behind as a mechanism. The moment the mind is completely left behind and there is only pure awareness, just a luminosity, it is enlightenment.

And existence is not made of the stuff mind is made of, no.

Existence is made of the stuff called God; to be more exact, of godliness, which is even beyond enlightenment.

Enlightenment is beyond mind.

Mind is beyond matter.

Godliness is beyond enlightenment, and godliness is simply beyondness. Then this beyondness goes on and on with no end to it.

Any scientist who is trying to understand enlightenment without becoming enlightened is proving himself a laughingstock. It is not an object that you can study from the outside. You can study a rose-flower from the outside without becoming a rose-lower. Of course, it is simple – if you yourself become the roseflower, who is going to study it?

The scientist studies objects, but enlightenment is not an object – it is your subjectivity, it is the scientist’s very soul. He cannot put it on the table and dissect it and try to find out what it consists of – who will do it?

Science has a limitation. The limitation is that the objective world is its world. Beyond it, any scientist trying to approach the subjective world is just being a Don Quixote. He needs his nuts and bolts tightened – or maybe loosened.

Science has no way beyond objects. Beyond objects is the world of religion, or more exactly – of religiousness.

Osho, Sermon in Stones, Ch 1, Q 3

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