We come from a far-away sun

Hot Chillies

Osho states, “We have completely forgotten our home.”

Chilli and sun

We are not of this planet, we are strangers here. We come from a far-away sun. Call it god, call it light, or call it whatsoever you like, but it is the source of all light, life, love. We come from a far-away source, just as light on this planet comes from a faraway source. It falls on this earth but it doesn’t belong to it.

We have completely forgotten our home, and that is the misery, that we don’t know from where we come. Unless we know from where we come, we cannot know where we have to go, because the source is the goal. And life becomes a contentment when the circle is complete, when we have reached the source again.

Osho, Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing, Ch 3 (excerpt)

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