…left her body on 10th July 2019.

Lagan was originally from Austria and has been living in Pune.

Her celebration is today Thursday, 11th July, starting inside the Resort at 2 pm.


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Ciao Lagan…
Will never forget the dozens times I came to Pune in these last years and stay in some of the flats you were taking care of! Those places and your presence was making me feel “home” again, even without going to the Resort anymore. I’ll miss you next time I’ll be there… and your departure is that of another fellow traveller moved to the mystery of the other shore! Keep one place for me in one of the flats over there!!!

I have known Lagan for the past four years; she was a very gentle, loving person. She will be missed and remembered in our memories for ever 🙏🏼
Fly high, Lagan,

Bon Voyage, dear Lagan! Will miss you there in Pune – many many years you were my “home-mum” and a friend in Pune. So last Feb’s wishes you told me about came true. Have a good journey, see you there…
Sw Suviro

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