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Chetna travelled to Chiang Mai in Thailand and met with Tao Master Mantak Chia.

Chetan and Mantak Chia

I recently attended a wonderful course with the famous Tao Master Mantak Chia near Chiang Mai called the Inner Alchemy. I loved the teaching of Master Chia which gave me an insight on my journey as a sannyasin. Tao found thousands of years ago that the secret of transformation is the energy of love. To refine energy and create higher octane fuel, techniques require love. In my understanding and experience, that is precisely the same secret when it comes to Osho and his meditations.

The emphasis of the course was on sexual energy and its transformation into refined, higher frequency energy able to heal us. Master Chia says that unless we are physically healthy we are spiritually stuck. We leak out energy, either from the organs when we experience negative emotions and overthinking, or through sex as a form of release. Mantak Chia’s teachings blend anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, genetics and the latest scientific research with the ancient wisdom of Tao to show us that we carry a pharmacy inside that can heal us if only we learn how to make use of our sexual energy. Normally we drain each other’s energy because we don’t have enough of it. In the course, we were taught many techniques to pump the sexual energy up and store it in our centre. Invaluable!

Master Chia is a living example of his teachings. At the age of 76 he is radiant, youthful, joyful, total, strong, fit and with great flexibility in the spine (which is a sign of health and longevity). He laughs a lot and makes everyone very comfortable and relaxed about sex. Also, I was impressed by the scale and depth of his knowledge. Usually teachers are good in one or two subjects but Mantak Chia’s wisdom spans across anatomy, biology, neuroscience, martial arts, meditation, energy, sex and of course Tao. His lectures encompass multiple subjects into a simple story, with practical examples and simple exercises. It was truly extraordinary. His teachings are life-changing and excellent value for money.

What struck me the most is the ancient Tao formula: “The DNA renewal needs arousal, orgasm, love, compassion and the earth heartbeat. Love vibration is the healing energy.” Thus, in every exercise we did, we had to smile inside and feel love. Love would light the fire, or chi energy, and make all the exercises work. Love is the essential ingredient.

This made me reflect on Osho and his meditations. I still remember very clearly the first time I did one of Osho’s meditations in a place run by Osho lovers and devotees. My meditation was completely different – it was such an electrifying experience that could not be compared to any other meditation I had done previously. It was an atomic bomb. In fact, only then I decided to take sannyas.

Osho’s techniques work on energy transformation and to me Osho is an Energy Master. I came to realise that love for Osho in the hearts of sannyasins creates the exact alchemy that Mantak Chia talks about in his Tao teaching. Love for Osho is the key for spiritual transformation. Such love for the Master is of the highest frequency and it’s the catalyst for all meditation techniques to work.

Unfortunately, I have noticed a tendency among some sannyasins to separate Osho from his meditation techniques. Many of Osho’s places don’t focus on this connection and miss out on the most important part. My understanding is that we can do Dynamic or Kundalini for years with some benefits but we are unlikely to truly transform from the technique if the main alchemic ingredient is missing. Love for Osho as a Master is a door to unconditional love. We are so fortunate to have a Master who can open that door for us and light the fire of transformation that the ancient Tao discovered thousands of years ago.

Perhaps when you are next in Thailand you can visit the Tao Garden and enjoy learning from Mantak Chia about Tao, love and sexual energy. I certainly did and will go back for more. I think that his teachings are invaluable and life changing.

First published in Love Osho’s blog

Dhyan Chetna

Chetna was introduced to Osho in 1995 when still in high school and living in Ukraine. She graduated from the Business School in London and worked in the financial city for over 15 years. In 2006 she took sannyas and became an organiser of Osho events in London and co-founded Love Osho with her beloved, Swaram. In 2018 they both moved to Singapore.

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