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Majid on a new community project in Tuscany, Italy – not only for retirement!

Note (9.11.2019): This project is in its first phase. The group is in process to valuate if it is possible to transform the holiday (depicted in the images below) into single dwellings. In case this is not possible, further options in other locations will are assessed.

010 Villaggio-Il-Borgo-4
020 Villaggio-Il-Borgo-1
030 Villaggio-Il-Borgo-3
040 Villaggio-Il-Borgo-2
050 Villaggio-Il-Borgo-10

We are a group of sannyasins and friends, meditators and lovers of nature. We have come together to give life to a project we call ‘Soli e Insieme’ (Alone and Together). So far, we are about 50 people, and our intention is to create a village where we will have the opportunity to live an independent life, and at the same time share it with many others who are on the same wavelength.

Initially, the project was intended for ‘old-aged’ sannyasins and fellow travellers, reason why we thought of the location we have currently envisioned; it is near the seaside in Tuscany, five minutes from Cecina hospital and 50 minutes by car from Osho Miasto.

Soon after we started spreading the idea, we realized that also much younger people were interested, who approached us with creative ideas and a lot of energy and thus the project opened up to participants of all ages.

The location we are looking into at the moment has 70 apartments and single homes spread over 15 hectares of Mediterranean hills. There is also local government permission to build 30-35 new eco-dwellings. All in all, enough space for about one hundred people.

The property is large enough to allow privacy and togetherness. Common spaces are already there such as two swimming pools, a restaurant, café, gym, laundry, carpentry shop, agricultural machinery shed, etc. There is also an approved camping ground with facilities. A meditation hall will be built by us and we will have a first aid facility and organized care for the elderly in the village.

So far, only Italian friends have been involved in the project. And now we would like to open it up to Osho’s friends from all over the world.

The Manifesto of ‘Soli e Insieme’ is based on consciousness and meditation, where everyone is free to choose their timing and ways. We hope that the energy of the group will create a loving connection between people without any set rules for socializing. (Some regulations to guarantee a peaceful and respectful coexistence, respect for the environment, behaviour of pets and the use of the leisure areas will be established.)

It would be wonderful if many international friends joined our dream and help make it come true. Anyone interested can write to to receive the Ethical Manifesto and info on the various steps. You will also receive a questionnaire where you can specify the desired size of your living space, what you would want to do in the village – if you bring your own business or if you simply want to enjoy life with many friends in a beautiful place.

If you resonate with the project and want to be part of it, we are asking an initial donation of 100 Euros as a sign of real interest and commitment. We need to be 100 people to start the process of purchasing the village and the land, which we estimate will approximately take 20 months. It depends on the responses!

The cost for an apartment will be around 2000 Euros per square metre and 700 Euro per square metre for the land where people can build their own house.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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