Mind is a hang-over

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Osho states, “Mind is the faculty of distortion.”

A man who is really spiritual has tremendous experiences but he never accumulates them. Once they have happened he forgets about them. He never remembers, he never projects them into the future. He never says that they should be repeated or that they should happen again to him. He never prays for them. Once they have happened they have happened. Finished! He is finished with them and he moves away from them. He is always available for the new, he never carries the old.

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And if you don’t carry the old you will find life absolutely new, incredibly, unbelievably new at each step. Life is new, only the mind is old; and if you look through the mind, life also looks like a repetition, a boring thing. If you don’t look through the mind….

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Mind means your past, mind means the accumulated experiences, knowledge and everything. Mind means that through which you have passed, but on to which you are still hanging. Mind is a hang-over, dust from the past covering your mirror-like consciousness. Then when you look through it everything becomes distorted.

Mind is the faculty of distortion. If you don’t look through the mind you will know that life is eternal. Only mind dies – without mind you are deathless. Without mind nothing has ever died; life goes on and on and on forever. It has no beginning and no end.

Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 2, Q 1 (excerpt)

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