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…left her body on 27 January 2020.

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Deva Nirvesha took sannyas in Rajneeshpuram in 1983. Those who worked at Magdalena Cafeteria might remember her as a very loving and perceptive boss. Many practitioners, now living around the world, have later learned Craniosacral from the trainings she ran together with Bhadrena in Pune 2.

Nirvesha, who had a BA,  was also good with words; she edited some of Osho’s books and also wrote an introduction for one of them. This skill also landed her the creative job of Social Media Manager for Deva Premal and Miten’s activities. She was also a good friend with Rabiya and we often saw photos of Nirvesha visiting her.

Nirvesha was diagnosed with cancer just a couple of months ago.

Deva sent us these words she wrote for Viha Connection (published here with kind permission):

Although we didn’t spend much time together, Nirvesha and I have been deeply connected for over 25 years. I was just 22 when we first met in the ashram in Pune, India. That was around the time I’d just started singing with Miten. I remember how much Nirvesha loved his music. Her favourite all-time song was ‘Existence’.

She was one of the great and awesome magicians in the field of bodywork and energy work that I was blessed to learn from by participating in her trainings (massage and Craniosacral therapy). She had a sense of authority and clarity, and the way she assessed the energy field of her ‘client’ was a learning curve for me. I learnt many subtle techniques under her supervision, which I still value to this day.

And then suddenly she was gone. She dropped bodywork and I lost contact.

Fast forward 10 years: I can’t recall exactly how it happened, but somehow we reconnected when Miten and I were looking for a Social Media Manager. Through a friend of a friend we reconnected, and to my surprise, we discovered each other again and hallelujah! – her skills were exactly what we’d been looking for.

Her love for Osho was in every message, every edit, every word she shared through our channel. She became much more than just our Social Media Manager, she took on newsletter editorship, copywriting and became the advisor on all things Facebook! She cared deeply. For her, it was Osho’s work.

And then again, quite suddenly, in November 2019 she told us she’d been diagnosed with cancer and didn’t have much time left. She was so brave, so lighthearted as she explained her situation to us, and at no time did she ever descend into morbidity or self-pity. Every communication was full of love and good cheer, even though, towards the end, it was clear she was in great pain.

Nirvesha always had a great sense of humour and an eye for the ridiculous. We had some good chuckles together. She was relaxed and fully surrendered when her time came to fly.

And now I’m remembering Miten’s song, which I’m sure she took with her:

Carry me away
There is no distance, this I have to say.
There is no space between the Blessed One
and who I am inside.
There is no limit to what we can become, in his Caravanserai.

Such a love in my life
So much love.

Carry me along
There is no resistance, I’m already gone.
There is no space between the Blessed One and who I am inside.
There is no limit to what we can become in this Caravanserai.

Such a love in my life
So much love.

Fly high beloved Nirvesha, teacher and friend – Thank you for everything.


Navyo writes:

Nirvesha and I were together in Poona 2 during 1991-92. She was not just a lover for me but a teacher. Her abilities to sense energies and to work with them in her Craniosacral sessions was masterful. We had many such sessions where she taught me, informally, to sense the movement of the fascia and its effects in the body, mind and emotions. But it was her ability to master the energies of lovemaking that had the most profound effect on me. She taught me to harness the flow of kundalini, to hold it, to let it cook inside and allow it to reach the higher centers. For this, I am grateful beyond words.

I will always remember her, her ceaseless devotion to Osho and her undaunted sense of humor. Fly high, dear Nirvesha.

Bhadrena writes:

Nirvesha is a friend and colleague; together we taught the first Craniosacral trainings in Pune. It was the early times of the Craniosacral method and we had a lot of fun to explore the depth of the work and be creative in our teachings. We cultivated our enthusiasm and explorations and till today I’m very grateful for the companionship we shared.

Then out of the blue, Nirvesha decided to let go of bodywork and stopped touching people. I am amazed how seemingly easy she went through a transition, letting go of what she loved and simply shifting to other work. We saw each other regularly and shared many beautiful moments together.

When she moved back to the USA, she started a different life and contact was sparse. Now she left her body and dissolved…

Photos thanks to Viha Connection and friends on FB


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Beloved Nirvesha, I remember you fondly and the brief moments we had years ago in the Ashland sun. How sweet to see the pictures of you and Rabia! Sweeter still to see the pictures of you in my mind. Fly high, dear one. Love.

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