Ma Shashi Bharti


(29 October 1950 – 18 January 2020)

010 Shashi-2019-Jabalpur-slide
Aklank and Shashi
Aklank and Shashi in darshan with Osho
Shashi and Aklank in darshan with Osho
Shashi, her sister Geeta and Kranti around Osho

Shashi (Shashi Kala) was married to Aklank Bharti, one of Osho’s brothers. Her father, Sh. Deviki Nandan ji, owned Yogesh Bhawan, the house where Osho stayed when he lived in Jabalpur.

Her sister, Geeta, remembers that Osho used to take Shashi and her to watch movies. One movie which she remembers was titled Angulimaal. He also took them out for car drives, and took Shashi to outstation places like Pachmarhi. She often helped Osho with his work.

Shashi took sannyas on 13th September 1979.

Text thanks to Geeta and Anuragi; photos thanks to Aneesh, her son, and Pratibha Bharti


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