The visit of the Free Spirit

Satire / Comedy

A tale by Keerti, after a video in an article he had posted on HappyHo, had been taken down.

I happened last night. The free spirit of Swami Tathagat was visiting some places on Earth just for fun. Swami Jayesh and Swami Amrito, the chairman and the vice-chairman of the Inner Circle were sleeping in their rooms. But before falling asleep, they have been thinking of Swami Tathagat.

So, the Free Spirit felt like visiting them when they were totally alone. In the thick, dark night, they suddenly felt some radiant presence standing next to their heads. They woke up, rubbing their sleepy eyes. Jayesh said in astonishment: Hey, is it you, T? How did you enter our room, we had you banned many years ago!

The Free Spirit laughed loudly and said: I am a free spirit now. I noticed that you removed from cyberspace a small clip of a video with Osho talking about me and his well-known message to sannyasins about celebrating death, which has always been available open-source. I wondered what made you do that and I thought of asking you.

Feeling guilty and scared, the chairman replied: Oh, it must be that fellow, Klaus who does this all the time. I will call him to restore it as soon as possible.

The Free Spirit replied: I can also reach him, faster than you, shake him and inform him that many of my friends around the world are going to create an organization to oppose this cybercrime committed shamelessly by you guys. This Free Spirit will inspire them and this nightmare will soon end.

After announcing this, the Free Spirit left the room and it was again in darkness. The chairman and the vice-chairman heaved a sigh of relief and looked for their drinks to help themselves go back to sleep.

Update: A new video has been created, see Tathagat’s obituary


Keerti facilitates Osho meditation retreats all over the world and is the author of various articles and spiritual books, his latest being Mindfulness: The Master

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