…left his body on 5th February 2020.


Hamid, whom you might remember when he worked in the mala shop in Puna 1, helped run the Osho Centre in Johannesburg, together with Leela and Meera.

He later opened a meditation centre on a farm outside Knysna, South Africa. In both places he built a beautiful meditation dome.

He left his body in his home near Karatara, S.A., peacefully and quite aware of his death approaching.

Hamid was a beautiful soul with a loving embracing energy. All his friends and sannyasins in South Africa miss him dearly.

Text and photo thanks to Amano Wudd and Archan – additional photos by Meera


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His whole life was a dedication to Osho’s work, and of course working on himself. I am very sure that his beautiful energy and continuous laughter will contribute to the quantum leap that is about to happen to humanity, as predicted by Osho.

Amano Wudd


I first met Hamid in 1981 when returning from Poona. I was only 17 and he took me as a friend and equal; we partied in Jo’burg and smoked crazy amounts of weed. I remember us about to enter a coffee shop in Yeovil and as he opened the door a huge glass ashtray thrown by a big mamma smashed into the head of another big mamma and shattered against the doorframe. With the coolest demeanor he just turned around and, in his lovely distinct and a quite posh accent, simply said. “Ja, I think… we’ll go elsewhere.”

Always smiling and always a proper dude, super skilled and talented, incredibly knowledgable and a true raconteur. He lived well. May his next chapter be as rich.


Marc Itzler


I have spent 25 years together with Hamid – in our dedication to Osho, bringing some of his vision alive in South Africa within an intimate group of sannyasins who were part of the creative process. Hamid was the mastermind behind all the building going on – first outside Johannesburg and then in the vicinity of the Knysna forest with its gorges and the Indian ocean . It was motivated by beauty and devotion.

In his last years he retired from it all – giving the main dedication to his family and also to seclusion.

Hamid loved Osho and he loved Rumi.

I am leaving a Rumi poem for him on this page:

When it is cold or raining,
you are more beautiful.
And the snow brings me even closer to your lips.
The inner Secret,
that was never born.
I can’t explain the goings,
or the comings.
You enter suddenly
and I am nowhere again.
Inside the Majesty.

May he fly high – and enriching us all from the beyond.

Deva Alka – Meera

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