Anand Prem


…left his body on 24 February 2020.

Anil Vora
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Anand Prem (aka Swami Anil Bharti, Anil Vora), originally from Kolkata, left his body at 6:45am today in Pune, at age 75.

He was married to Aruna, the Tarot teacher; they have two beautiful daughters, Karuna and Mouna. The whole family took sannyas in 1978.

Before he retired, Prem worked as a designer in Hindi publications and for the Osho Times. In his time off he often played the harmonium for Kirtans and Evening Meditations.

A friend who was with him in his last moments says it was a conscious death, and those who later sat with his body said that the energy around him was superb, a very special moment for them.

His death celebration has taken place today at 2pm today at the Koregaon Park burning ghat.

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Dear Prem, you have abandoned me… You always used to help me out with the obituaries for those who left their body in Pune. And now I have to post yours! Thanks so much for your friendship and readiness to help, even in the middle of your night. On those occasions we always had wonderful chats which I always appreciated and made our connection alive. Disappearing in thin air you are? My love is with you.


Fly high!
Dear AP,
Your existence will be greatly missed.

Dear Prem,
I’m so sorry that you have departed from this realm.
Thank you for your kindness and your wise and love words that you sent in a message when I had posted something that many others could not understand.
I have felt your kind heart, your wisdom and your ability of pure love.
You have left two beautiful daughters, Karuna and Mona that will keep alive your love.
In deep gratitude for having known you.
Samya 🙏🏻❤️

Love you swji.. Love.. Lots of love..
Jivan Sahaj

Beloved Anand Prem,
Your photo brought back distant memories from the ashram in the late 70s.
Thank you so much for your music, translation and dedication to Osho’s vision.
Sending love to you, Aruna, Karuna and Mouna,
Boulder, Colorado

Sweet Anil’ji, Brother and Fellow Traveler.
Our connection was instant, as nextdoor roommates in Pune 1, Somji Estate.
Hanging out in the evenings, on the porch, chatting and laughing, a love that stayed between us as friends forever.
I will miss your kindness and friendliness!
Wishing you a safe passage to The Other Shore.
Much Love!

Anand Prem once made me a rounder guard in Poona 2 and I am eternally grateful to him for that. I got to experience the Ashram in total silence at night, something I treasure very very much. He encouraged me to check out all the different Ashram departments during the day… so much fun.

When monsoon got too much for my hut at Surrender Garden, he reserved and offered me a space to sleep on top of Krishna House all by himself, such a lovely surprise… I got to live in the Ashram for quite a while because of him – I had never even asked him.

He also taught me a few great life lessons, some tough, always in a compassionate way from the heart. He kicked me out as guard once when I really was too much and immediately hired me again when I realized what I had been doing and told him.

It was wonderful to laugh and talk story with him, sometimes we would just sit together in beautiful silence in front of the Gateless Gate at night. He was instrumental in so many ways to grow for me.

Thank you for everything babaji! Fly high and lots of love on your way ❤️


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