(4 October 1954 – 15 December 2019)

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Devam Nirvikar (Jürgen Inderst) was so popular because of his Libra qualities, his distinct social competence and his smart manners.

Born in Baden-Baden, he grew up in Portugal where he became the Portuguese Judo Youth Champion. Back in Germany, he trained as a mechanic in Munich, soon realizing that this could not be it, and so made plans for India at an early age. The offshoots of the ’68 movement made him a convinced and committed leftist, whose social engagement lasted until his last day. In 1980 he set off for India and Nepal, and in Sri Lanka he recognized his future wife Lisa at first sight.

On the way back he visited Poona, and took then sannyas at the Munich Tao Center. There he already had his first son Patrick with him. In the early 80s the small family spent a prolonged time in India, also in the Pune ashram (after getting a special permit for a long-term stay with a small child).

The second child was Julian who had a dramatic premature birth. Nirvikar sat by the incubator for months to help his son into the world. With success: Julian developed magnificently through the efforts of his parents and made his way to become a loving adult and an engineer as a profession. Nirvikar’s bond to his sons (and of course to his wife) was remarkable, filled with much love and respect.

He visited the Ranch in Oregon on his own; he, however, decided to become a steady family man and to gain further professional qualifications. On the side, he set up a meditation room in his home, took Sanskrit lessons and earned two black belts in Aikido.

His love for travelling did not come off badly; during his holidays he worked as a tour guide mainly in India, Nepal and Tibet. His job sometimes brought him to America. To his sons he not only showed his beloved Portugal; he travelled with them at least once a year. In the meantime, Patrick had become a pilot and to Nirvikar’s great joy he brought his little grandson, Anton, into the family.

Two months before he was to retire, he noticed a slight impediment of his tongue when speaking. Examinations by various doctors resulted in the merciless diagnosis of ALS. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is an incurable degenerative disease of the motor nervous system. The disease is so merciless because there is no cure. He endured the illness bravely until he died in Lisa’s arms after less than two years.

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