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The many recipes you have read on Osho News, and many more, are now available in book form: a vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free cookbook created by Maria-Carin Gala. 120 recipes – each with a colour photograph.

You can order the book from the author on It will also be available from Amazon soon.

It all started around 2007, when I first thought about making a cookbook out of the amazing, wonderfully delicious and nutritious food I was learning to make from some very talented people in Sydney.

I didn’t know how to cook healthy delicious food, and was addicted to sugar and nicotine. So, I participated in cooking classes and learnt everything I could about wholefood cooking, and making food sexy at the same time.

All I was reading were recipe books and newspaper articles on anything related to food, especially foods to heal and bring out the best in us. When my father passed, I went to study Nutritional Science and Food as Medicine and started creating my own recipes.

The first draft of my cookbook was a folder with handwritten recipes and printed photos from my – back then – analogue camera. Over the last 10+ years this book has taken on a gigantic transformation and has become a professional real-deal hardcover book on how to get one’s healthy cooking groove on!

I have many to thank, especially my friends and family and even some clients and readers around the globe who’ve helped in the process of writing, editing, taking photos, graphic design, making all kinds of decisions.

The book is printed by the best eco-friendly printers I could find in Austria. The company is called Gugler; they have been printing environmentally friendly for nearly 30 years. The ink is vegan and palm oil free. The paper is thick and recycled, but slick, smooth and perfectly matte, just damn right beautiful. The size of the book is 170 x 240 x 2.6 mm and weighs approx. 850g. An ebook version is also available, of course.

This book is for you if:

  • You want to reduce meat, dairy, sugar or gluten in your diet.
  • You want to discover exciting new recipes to add to your culinary repertoire.
  • You suffer from food allergies, intolerances, sensitivities and even some diseases.
  • You want to be kind to animals!
  • You want to expand your experience of cooking and help bring about positive social change by getting together with others to create and share nourishing food.
  • You want to help fight climate change—the United Nations have advised that eating more plant-based foods helps reduce land clearing for agriculture, livestock and meat production, lessening greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.
  • You just want to feel great!

I don’t claim that a vegan diet is the one-and-only diet for everyone. There isn’t one diet for everyone. Every body is unique. Having said that, I believe adding more vegan and gluten-free dishes into anyone’s life is always beneficial.

Maria-Carin Gala

Maria-Carin is a regular contributor with delicious recipes.

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