(4 February 1959 – 25 May 2020)

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Her partner and beloved, Gyani, writes:

Ma Prano, aka Laura Paesano, was born in Rome, Italy. Her strong spirituality and playfulness brought her from an early age to explore and travel, until at the age 22 she heard Osho’s call and came to the Bagwatta Meditation Center, near Rome. Here she participated in meditations and activities and enthusiastically asked for sannyas and receives the name Ma Prano, ‘life energy, vitality’, on 17 April 1981. In this Osho center we met for the first time.

When Arup was making her rounds visiting centers to talk about the Oregon project and arrived at ours in Rome, Prano joined the caravan that left for the Ranch, and returned only in ’84.

When she was back in Rome we met again and our love story began.

When Osho returned to India we went to Pune and participated in the groups that Osho had created and especially the courses in meditation, massage, etc.

In Italy she became a beautician working in the entertainment world.

We had a lot of fun travelling with other sannyasin friends and later got a farmhouse near Tuscany. For many years it became the destination of love, laughter, music, good food and meditation… The place was like a home for many friends. Close to the many oaks that are there I will scatter Prano’s ashes.

Returning from Pune in 1993 we opened the meditation center Osho Kivani OMC in Rome. We brought Osho’s robe that was given to us and started a wonderful journey together in the exploration of meditation, with so much joy in our hearts. Prano and I have been the reference point for thousands of seekers, who in these 27 years have passed through the center and come to know Osho, his meditations and the deep meaning of a life of celebration.

Certainly there was no shortage of dark and difficult moments, but Prano always found a way to go in depth to solve and stitch together what was of value. Her passion right from the start was for nature; she studied a lot and applied herself to Bach Flower Therapy, which became an important reference point for many. She organized seminars and gave life to the Scuola di Naturopatia Floriterapica (Naturopathic Flower Therapy School). In her courses she included meditation, and her listening skills were so deeply perceptive that they went beyond simple teaching.

Together we created the Scuola di Meditazione Il Risveglio (Awakening Meditation School), which was active for many years and instrumental in making people know about meditation and especially Osho’s techniques.

Our journey together lasted 36 years… unexpectedly. We travelled in this relationship always close to each other, overcoming emotional storms, clashes of different egos, always looking for our individuality and then meeting in an ever deeper sea of love… and she was certainly better at it than me.

Everyone have seen in her a natural, serene, inner joie de vivre, her calmness, her care for everyone, her welcoming openness, her ability to communicate with nature and her knack for listening to it. In tune.

She knew how to be strong in her illness that had shown up in recent years, healing herself only with natural products, and to preciously care for her privacy.

How much laughter, how many adventures and how many friends – in a life that apparently ended at 61 years but is in fact everlasting.

And thanks to Osho, a true support on every step, especially when she left the body, undisturbed nestling tightly close to me, at dawn.


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Beloved Prano, much love and gratitude for your work and dedication in the Osho Kivani center in Roma, a little island of love, caring, friendliness, meditation and celebration, a peaceful and colourful nest embedded in the chaos of a city like Rome. A little miracle, that you and Gyani were creating in humbleness, without never emphasizing your long experience as sannyasins, your closeness to Osho or your skills in many therapies and meditation techniques… never acting as the ones who were knowing more than the other fellow travelers coming to attend your courses and trainings. Always ready to listen and to share from a base of spontaneous togetherness and friendship, with open heart, light and playful. Still it was easy to perceive your wisdom and depth in every session, sometimes in our simple sharings while eating together in the courtyard of the Kivani center, surrounded by the cats who have found their paradise there, fed and taken care with love, under a roof of Tibetan flags, feeling like sitting in a coffee shop in Kathmandu… Opening the gate of the Kivani is like entering a Buddhafield in the most natural way, feeling at home inside and outside. Beloved Prano, have a wonderful journey from Here to Here, being all One at the feet of the Master. Beloved Gyani, all my love to you.
Shakti Simona Cervelli

Thank you!

Beloved Prano, dear friend, we have been in each other’s lives for so many years. Rome, the farmhouse in Proceno, the collaboration with the Osho Centre. A deep sense of tenderness comes to my heart in feeling you, such a dear and soft being. You have been a friend and travel companion in this life dedicated to the inner search, dancing with Osho’s energy. A gratefulness arises in me while many moments of joy, of sharing, of shared truth come in front of my eyes. Fly high, beloved.

Beloved Prano, my deepest gratitude for making Osho available in Rome. The Osho Kivani has been the place where I moved my first steps with Osho and I will always be immensely grateful for offering the space and giving me the opportunity. I remember so vividly my very first Kundalini Meditation, the first of a long series 😉
I spent so much time at the Osho Kivani which happened to be just a few minutes away from my home – what are the chances! I met all of my closest friends at the Osho Kivani and spent so much time there, meditating, watching Osho’s videos (with Italian subtitles), asking Qs about Osho and the commune, celebrating at Sannyas ceremonies, doing Dynamic Meditation early in the morning, Silent Meditation Camps at the weekends, dancing at parties in the evening with the Techno music from DJ Gyani and having so much fun. Thank you for your sweetness, your beautiful smile and wide open eyes. Thank you for your kindness, support and positivity.
You and Gyani will always be in my heart. The Osho Kivani played a big part in my early life with Osho.
Love and gratitude,

Darling Prano,
remembering you with so much love and gratitude for our friendship — through my workshops at your wonderful OSHO Kivani centre — that spanned over twenty years. As was your wish, along with everyone else except Gyani, I was completely unaware that you were terminally ill; I wonder now if that is in part why you were so keen to have the death workshops presented at Kivani. As well as the fantastic times we had together there — the workshops themselves, the love, the joy, the depth, the dancing, and the wonderful meals at the nearby bars — I so enjoyed staying with you and Gyani in your apartamento in Castelnuovo di Porto.
Such a beauty, I know you will have moved on beautifully too. All my love beloved friend.

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