An idea


…from Madhuri.

In some airport I once saw a big black guy wearing a black t-shirt on which was printed in white letters

t-shirt saying WHITE

And I got to thinking… suppose you could get a collection of t-shirts that said things like SAMOAN and JAPANESE and ASIAN and MULATTO and YALLER GIRL and NEW GUINEA HEADHUNTER and ABORIGINAL and White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and FIRST NATIONS and AUSSIE and TEUTON etc etc etc… and then, you just wear them randomly – not out of any identification but out of a willingness to simply scramble up the label-making mechanism in everybody’s head, including your own.

I mean, it would just be weird, and kind of groovy, to go around in a t-shirt saying

Head Honcho Used Car Salesman From Omaha

when you are a small pale elder lady in Innsbruck. Why the hey not?

I mean, have the courage to simply dis-identify generally –

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