Gyan Michaela


…left her body on 17 June 2020.

Gyan Michaela

Deva Dilruba / Kavita writes:

Michaela was born in 1957. She was a Poona 1 sannyasin, who had also been at the Ranch. We have known each other since 1986, when we met in Bombay before I took sannyas. When Osho had returned from America, we lived in the same house whenever she came to Pune to visit Osho.

My Gratitude to this fellow-traveller on her final journey, and my Gratitude also for introducing me to Osho. Even though I am Indian by birth, it was a German to be the catalyst for my sannyas journey. Such a beautiful paradox!

Ma Gyan Michaela died on 17 June at 2.40 am in Munich. Her younger siblings were with her, taking care of her till the end. I received a message with her photos from her fellow-traveller and ex-husband Anand Ajar / Chris, who had visited her in her last days.


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