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This video shows a food fest during lockdown at Osho Nisarga in Dharamsala which took place a few days ago.

The video shows all the participants (as well as Neelam and Priya) who have been staying at Osho Nisarga since February 29, 2020. They had come for the three-weeks Mystic Rose Process and could not get flights back home as lockdown started in India on March 23.

All vegetables and rice are organically grown in Nisarga’s veggie garden and adjoining fields. Cultivation was started in 2007, the year Osho Nisarga was established. Their staff includes five local gardeners who help with the upkeep.

Lockdown has only partially been lifted now and they all can move around locally while state borders are still closed. So, no travel possible, no programs are happening, no new guests have arrived. It’s a very quiet time for Osho Nisarga.

Presently there are still 11 participants left; in the meantime a few others managed to get a flight back to their homes.

Thanks to Priya

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