No limit to hypocrisy


“We have succeeded only in creating a hypocrite world. It is not civilized, it is not cultured,” states Osho.

Osho in discourse

Apparently when Ronald Reagan or George Bush go to the church to kneel and pray to their god, at their side is an aide who carries the briefcase with the codes that allow the president to signal an immediate launch of their nuclear arsenal, thereby effectively terminating all life on earth. But still Stalin is the bad guy. Is there any limit to our hypocrisy?

Even in the church – this is a fact! When Ronald Reagan used to go to the church – and now George Bush, because the White House has its own church, the presidential church – one aide would carry a briefcase. And people became concerned: what is in the briefcase? Why every day when Ronald Reagan is kneeling down and praying to God, does one man stand by his side with a briefcase?

Finally it was discovered that the briefcase is not an ordinary briefcase, it has all the buttons inside for nuclear weapons to be launched, immediately – from the church! If there is not time enough to reach to the White House where they have all the buttons for the nuclear weapons… This was a portable death to the whole earth.

But it is still carried; now it is George Bush who is kneeling. And one never thinks about what kind of hypocrisy… You are praying to God, you are kneeling down, and you are keeping by your side death for the whole planet.

There is certainly no limit to our hypocrisy. We have succeeded only in creating a hypocrite world. It is not civilized, it is not cultured.

Osho, Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind, Ch 7, Q 2

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