Neowise over Munich


Mahendra shares a brilliant photo he recently took of the comet.

Comet Neowise by Mahendra Myshkin
Comet Neowise above the city of Munich, Germany – Venus, Aldebaran and the Pleiades can also be seen – photo by Mahendra Myshkin (click on photo to see larger image)

On the evening of Monday, July 13, I climbed up the mountain behind my house. On dry nights during the warm season I enjoy sleeping and meditating up there. I had heard about comet Neowise and was hoping to catch a glimpse of it. But the weather forecast was “partly cloudy”. So I wasn’t sure if I could see it.

I woke up around 3.30 am with the first signs of dawn. There were only a few clouds but still I couldn’t see any unusual objects in the sky. Nevertheless, I placed my tripod pointing towards constellation Auriga (the area where Neowise supposedly should be) and took a shot with long exposure.

And sure enough – on the picture I could see a stellar object with a long trail. It was far more to the North than I had expected, but once I knew where it was, I could easily spot it with the naked eye.

Neowise is a comet on an elliptical orbit within our solar system. It will be visible during the second half of July in the late evening hours in the Northern Hemisphere in the area of the Big Dipper.

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Mahendra Myshkin is a Bavarian Yogi, and researcher of the Inner and Outer Universe.

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