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Our second virtual art gallery show of photographs by Berthold Kusy.


It was probably before I graduated from high school when it was handed to me. I then took a very proud walk with it. I liked it: simple, black and with a silver chain, lots of colorful, rubberized wheels, the meaning of which I did not yet know. At some point I took my first photo with this beautiful, borrowed SLR camera. And then when the film was full and the black and white pictures were picked up from the photo shop…

Amazingly, many were successful, so my love for the medium was born. After completing school the question “What should I do now?” came up. I didn’t know; advice didn’t really help either. At some point I thought, why not study what I like best – my favorite hobby is photography! And this was done well, although I sometimes had more films than food in the fridge. I am still burning for this work today. After the internship I opened my own photo studio and was self-employed for almost 15 years.

Due to rheumatism in the joints, it started to become difficult to work. I also had to stop doing sports – now I run badly… I turned to holistic medicine, take nutritional supplements, adopted intermittent fasting and a mostly vegan diet to have the body healed again. The pain continues to decrease and the mobility increases again. I long for my work and can‘t wait to start again.

With the help of the latest software from Adobe and tutorials from Adobe Live, I was able to use this break to professionalize my skills even more. Thanks a lot for this pause! I am looking forward to see the further developments of my creativity.

Really good mastery of the tools enables the virtual use of technical possibilities to skillfully express my ideas, even if you don‘t necessarily see it at first glance, but you should feel it. So that a really nice communication can take place.

Fashion, illustrative and street photography should generally outline the new direction. The subway series shown here and the color self-portraits can give a first hint of my future style. Of course, following creativity means not always knowing in advance how it will work in detail; but it’s exciting to engage in a process even if (or because) the result is not yet known.

I love France and I want to live there. I feel most comfortable there. Let’s see…

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Berthold Kusy

Berthold Kusy studied Visual Communications in Germany. www.bertholdkusy.fr and Instagram.

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