A little new something: Into the Light

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Musician and singer Tanmayo discovered another outlet for her creativity: digital art (video).

Tanmayo is more often known for her music and songs, but just over a year ago she started to play around with a couple of painting apps on her iPad – and was amazed at what came out. This is a little film about her new creative adventure.

Over the summer I’ve been busy making a video and website about some paintings that came through me over the winter months. It started off simply as an experiment to practise some skills I learnt in a documentary filming workshop I had done. Because of the lockdown, I ended up making the film about me and the paintings I’ve been doing over the last year.

It kind of grew into a website, then a webshop and, to my own surprise, I’m now also busy with a brand new instagram account (@tanmayo.art).

Putting my art out to the world was something I never expected to do; it was just something I did to relax. But, here I am…

It’s a totally new direction, but one that has been a lot of fun.


Tanmayo is a Scottish violinist, singer and multmedia artist. She now lives in Germany.

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