Mind is the only barrier to silence

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (135)


Osho 1960s

Wittgenstein has said somewhere:
Of that which one cannot speak,
one should remain silent.

Oh, if only this advice was heeded
there would be no useless arguments about truth!
That-which-is cannot be spoken of.
Whatever is said in words is not,
cannot be,
that-which-is .
Truth is beyond words,
only silence is related to truth.

But silence is very difficult;
the mind wants to speak even of that
which is beyond words.
Really, the mind is the only barrier to silence.
Silence belongs to the state of no-mind.

A preacher came to address some small children.
Before beginning he put a question to them:
If you were asked to address a gathering
of such intelligent boys and girls
who expect a good lecture from you,
and if you had nothing to speak on,
what would you say?
A small child replied: I would keep quiet.
I would keep quiet.

This child-like simplicity is needed
to experiment with silence.

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