Forest Meditation

Tiny Meditations

A meditation given by Osho to an Enlightenment Intensive group participant during a darshan.


In the night, put the light off, sit on your bed, and close your eyes. Just imagine yourself in a forest, mm?… big green trees… wild. Imagine that you are standing there, then start moving… Let things happen, don’t force. Don’t say ‘I would like to go near that tree’ – no, just allow yourself to move. Walking in the forest for five to seven minutes, you will come near a cave.

Feel everything in detail – the earth underneath… touch the stone walls of the cave with your hand… feel the texture, the coolness. Near the cave there is a waterfall. You will find it. A small waterfall… and the sound of water falling. Listen to it, and to the silence of the forest and of the birds, mm? Allow yourself the whole experience. Then sit down in the cave and start meditating. It is meditation within meditation. Have you seen Chinese boxes? One box inside another box inside another box…

So you will be meditating inside the cave, and after five minutes I will appear in your meditation. So if you want to ask a question… Only one question is allowed!

And then you report back to me, and tell me what I said to you. And I will know – so you cannot fool me! (laughter) This is a very very old meditation technique. So you start from tonight.

Osho, Be Realistic: Plan for a Miracle, Ch 2

Meditations compiled by Nirav Jayant from Osho’s darshan diaries and discourses – – image thanks to Richard Burlton via unsplash

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