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A time-appropriate T-shirt to inspire you even more to meditate.

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From the creator of state-of-the-art meditation chairs, Dhyan Unmesh, the latest T-shirt for meditators is shown above.

The work of his company, Friends of Meditation®, involves innovation-led manufacturing of an eclectic range of products that facilitates ease in practising yoga and meditation techniques for beginners as well as experts.

Dhyan UnmeshOne of his hit designs is the Friends of Meditation® Extra Large Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair with back support and meditation block (see small photo, featuring also Unmesh). In 2020, this particular chair ranks # 3 out of 20 on All products are made with loving care, using the best possible materials and fabrics.

Unmesh is also a certified Osho Meditation Facilitator, Registered Yoga Instructor and Astrologer. He is on the spiritual journey for nearly 20 years with personal experience in various yoga and meditation programs, having learned diverse and effective techniques to assist relaxation.

For more information – Friends of Meditation ®

Comment by Osho News: Presently the T-shirt is not available for orders.

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