Hokkaido Dreamscapes


Photos from Premendra’s window in Japan.

020 Premendra
030 Premendra
040 Premendra
050 Premendra
060 Premendra
070 Premendra
080 Premendra
090 Premendra
110 Premendra
145 Premendra

Without opening your door, you can open your heart to the world…”

Lao Tzu

I never go hunting for what to photograph. There is an abundance of beauty, wonder everywhere. Life is so full of the unexpected revealing itself in amazing ways… you only have to look.

Many of my photos are taken in the local area around where I live in Hokkaido. As a matter of fact, these views were shot from my apartment balcony. I don’t go out looking for what to shoot; my process is rather one of wandering with eyes open and camera at the ready. It is a kind of meandering, like a lazy stream, recording images along the way, as I move on.

I created a 2021 calendar as a means to share the diversity and richness of what I see through my camera’s lens. I have a particular love of the deep and dark rather than bright and highly coloured.

Existence, to me, is an unfolding, ever-changing mystery and my hope is that it comes through my photographs.


Anand Premendra is a Hokkaido freelance retiree, unashamed lover of all things beautiful. premendra.artmeera-art.comdevapadma-prints.com

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