The Empty Chair

Remembering Here&Now

Praharsha’s Pune diary, subtitled ‘Notes on Meditation’ filmed in 1995 on video.

During the 80s and 90s Praharsha used to travel to Pune quite often. Although he is the creator of many timely documentaries and spends a lot of time behind the camera and at the editing table, he never took any pictures during his visits. Only before he embarked on his last trip in 1995 did he become aware of an inner voice saying, ‘Take a camera with you this time, create a video diary.’ The outcome is this video which he recently put online.

Alas, within a short period of time, YouTube took down his video, apparently because of copyright violations. However, friends urged Praharsha to write to YouTube, documenting the contract he had made with the administration in Pune that allowed him to use certain footage of Osho and the ashram and the video was reinstated.

Everybody can now enjoy watching life inside and outside the ashram through his eyes.

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Praharsha - Gerdt Conradt

Praharsha is a cameraman, director, creator of documentaries, writer and lecturer for practical video technology.

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