(20 March 1956 – 21 February 2021)

Samarpan Nijesh
An adventurous spirit as a school boy
A young meditator – in 1982
Raffish in maroon, Bielefeld 1987
A holistic approach to bodywork – at Parimal Commune in the 90's
In maroon robe in 1997
Member of the lively Parimal Commune, around 2000
In the Alps with his dear friend Anagara
First vacation with his wife Neelam, 2010 in Portugal
The fine art of enjoying a cappuccino in Italy, 2014
A one-day trip in a red Porsche
Craniosacral and visceral therapist Nijesh, around 2018
Nijesh in May 2019

Walking along
my shadow beside me
watching the moon.


Antar Lavanya writes:

It was on the February full moon day that family, friends and neighbours said goodbye to beloved Nijesh. Surrounded by roses, irises and lilies his coffin was placed under an apple tree, his most beloved place in the garden.

Nijesh had died – all of a sudden – after an accident, on the first warm and sunny day that had given us a whiff of spring in February. On his way home from the small Sannyas Community Parimal, his bicycle slipped on a small patch of ice.

Samarpan Nijesh (Ulrich Hesse) was born in 1956, the second of three sons, into a dentist’s family in Frankfurt, Main. The family then moved many times to various locations. His father died when Ulrich was eleven years old. From early childhood on his life was of constant change.

Just a year before graduation he left school. His sense of beauty and fine arts, and the desire to do something with his hands brought him to become a goldsmith for which he did a professional training in Pforzheim, the capital of German gold-smithing. But soon enough he was up to work on a different kind of gold!

After social service and some boho-style years a new focus arose. In May 1982 he took sannyas. The name that was given to him was Samarpan Nijesh – meaning ‘surrender to God of oneself’. It reflected Nijesh‘s longing and his guiding star throughout all the ups and downs, twists and turns of life.

Nijesh lived in many Sannyas Communes: First in Bielefeld, where he was even mayor (!) of Sumati Rajneesh Misfit City. In Hanover he belonged to the team of the quite famous Far-out-Disco – a time that he remembered as one of the most lively, exciting and rich days. The time he spent in the Oregon commune during its closure was a tough experience for him. He returned to Germany and had to face strong inner turmoil and darkness. He got out of this episode with new inner strength.

During a stay at the Multiversity in the Netherlands he met not only Veeresh but also Navino, his partner for years to come. He followed her to Parimal Gut Hübenthal in Witzenhausen, a small Sannyas Commune in the middle of Germany where he stayed, with a few interruptions, until 2002. The starting point was, charming enough, a small circus wagon amidst beautiful nature.

A new chapter opened in 1994 during a stay at a new holistic Heiligenfeld Clinic, Bad Kissingen. His resolve matured in becoming a physiotherapist. Facilitating wholeness and healing became his life’s work, his dedication until his last days. In his work he transformed his own experiences into compassion and deep understanding. He also worked several years as a therapist at the Heiligenfeld Clinic.

With his silent presence, a sixth sense in his hands and a good portion of subtle humour Nijesh treated hundreds of people of all walks of life: spiritual seekers, handymen, teachers, craftsmen, housewives, doctors, pensioners, disabled people. He complemented his fine art of bodywork as a craniosacral therapist, later on also as a visceral therapist, and trained people professionally in these skills all over Germany, Czechia and Slovakia.

In a subtle way he helped his clients to connect body and mind with awareness. For quite a few, Nijesh became the inspiration to start meditating.

In 1997, during Mystic Rose in Parimal, he met Garimaa. They first became friends and then a couple. For nine years they could often be seen hiking on trails in the hills and mountains.

With her and his best friend Anagara, he meditated with Swami Asanga and came to know the Ayurvedic Doctor, Sardeshmukh, in Pune. Later Nijesh searched inspiration at the Benediktushof in Holzkirchen, a centre for meditation and mindfulness in Germany, and several times attended Zen retreats with Willigis Jäger.

In 2009 he fell in love with Neelam. They eventually married shortly before his 60th birthday. Together they moved into a small village, about 9 km from Parimal, with friends nearby. They rebuilt their home and made it into a space of beauty for life and work. They also enjoyed their garden which is close to a small creek. Both offered seminars, and once a month the house opened for Zen meditators. With Neelam at his side, Nijesh was able to realize his dream of his own established physiotherapy practice that was then visited and appreciated by people from near and far.

After a heart surgery, Nijesh started a strict healthy lifestyle with Ayurvedic routines and morning walks into the woods. He discovered the joy of feeding and watching cats and birds, and by doing so, his cheeks became as rosy as they had rarely been before.

A harsh stroke hit this new balance; he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. During his last one and a half years he tried to keep mind, mood and body in good shape, still continuing his beloved work with people and Zen sittings.

Under the luminous skies of 19 February he went to visit friends in Parimal. Late afternoon they hugged goodbye. In a happy mood, Nijesh got on his bicycle heading home.

Those who were with him in ICU and after his death at his home say that in his presence they experienced cheerful serenity, expansion and peace. Neelam, friends and companions gave Nijesh a beautiful send-off under the open sky with heartfelt speeches, music, meditation and Osho’s words. Yes, some tears rolled down our cheeks, too.


Hi Nijesh,
Now I have missed you!
You have always been the ‚face‘ of my inner picture of Parimal.
Thanks, Nijesh, for the reminder not to postpone. I wanted to visit Gut Hübenthal so often, but never made it.
So long time ago we spent enjoying and intense time together. Constructing Hannover Disco, Crazy Humaniversity and also later on in your home Parimal.
I am thankful having experienced your loving being. Have a good trip back home.
Fly high, Nijesh,

Nijesh, my beloved friend, now that you are gone I’m able to realize the full depth of our connection. For 30 years we’ve been accompanying each other – there’ve been times where I could be with you and support you when you were passing through deep dark valleys, and there were times when you helped me to overcome the physical and psycholgical trauma of an operation. You’ve always been helping me with your wonderful qualities as a bodyworker, meditator, friend. I love your humour, your friendliness, your compassion and your wisdom. You’ve been a sincere seeker of truth and in this I always felt very close to you – travelling home to our original source. Sitting with your body I felt flooded and showered by love, light and peace… I’m missing you… and yet I know, that it’s perfect. Thank you from the depth of my heart; Samarpan Nijesh.

Nijesh, somehow I missed out on the news of your passing. I remember your quiet presence so fondly from our commune times in Hanover. In my memory you will always be the young lovable Swami I knew then, part of the crew. It’s not that I remember a specific incidence connecting the two of us – you were a l w a y s around. Then. And in my heart you will remain unchanged, a beautiful fellow traveler who went on to have a life full of Osho! I send you a very belated but heartfelt hug into the unknown, Beloved!
Ma Atmo Anasha

Beloved Nijesh, it was such a beautiful and crazy time we had together in old Parimal days. I will remember you with a smile on my face. I always loved your quiet depths and shining eyes.
Rest in peace, old friend,

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