…left his body on 9 March 2021.

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Akam (Prithvi Chitnis) was a very popular man in his hometown Pune. He was, together with Mehdi, the co-owner of the Shisha Jazz Cafe at Abc Farms in Mundhwa, Koregaon, Pune, the Basho Restaurant, also in Mundhwa, and the beautiful Basho Resort and Restaurant on Mulshi Lake, a 2-hour drive from Pune.

Akam died after a stroke.

He was a very much loved man, by many friends and musicians, and in particular by his beloved wife, Kalpana, who writes, Now I’m without him & he is without me. We were very deeply connected for the last 25 years.

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When I first met Akam I immediately became friends with him; I was very fascinated by the music cafe he had created. Music to me is prayer, is meditation. I have always scheduled my return from Pune a day after the weekend music shows and sannyas celebration at the Resort; I could never leave before, it always felt incomplete, unfulfilled if I did.
Akam was very drawn to Sufis, and I have learnt about a few Sufi mystics from him. He so much wanted to lead Sufi workshops at my center in Dhaka. We had planned a few times which for some reason didn’t happen. It had to happen this way – he had to leave before that.
Yes, I will definitely miss his physical presence every time I sit in the Plaza after the dance celebration, and every time I visit his cafe for a Thursday night jazz show. His loving absence will be felt.
Akam, keep whirling, fly high with the whirlwind, Namaste.

Akam was a big music lover; he liked jazz and fusion especially. He had a great sense of aesthetics; the Shisha Cafe was very beautiful. I played there a few times together with friends. His love, care, passion and generosity were outstanding when we were playing. He enjoyed the whole scene. His passion mixed with his loving approach was so apparent.
Rama Meir

When Akam was in full-force involved in the beautiful restaurant, Anandprem (Anil) was very close to him. They met every evening – Anil is now also no longer in the body.
Akam was a very loving and a big-hearted person. He will always be with us in spirit.

composite Akam

Alert thanks to Upchara, and thanks to Nanda, Anubhuti, Madhav, Rama for photos and info. basho.co.in

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When I heard Akam left the body I was shocked. Just one day before I had met him at the Main Gate and hugged him. He was coming every day to the Main Gate and visit Dhyanesh. He was a big-hearted and loving swami. Always helping friends. Kalpana, his wife, is also very sweet, and always with him when I met them. Sweet swami, fly high fly, Akam swami. Love you and miss you always…
Yoga Pragya

Thinking of our fun tines together in Pune, in Dharamshala in Osho Nisarga. Will miss you dear Akam. Your loving heart and your generous nature. Love to you from Neelam and me. Fly high. ❤
Priya Dhall

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