(24 May 1947 – 4 April 2021)

Anado in Casa de las Ranas
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Last summer Anado (art name: Anado McLauchlin) wrote his life story – with a rap poem – for our section Profiles,

Swimming on my own

from where his early photos above are taken. It will give a better bio than what anyone could put together now. At the same time a series of photographs of his home in Mexico, Casa de las Ranas, was published. More art on his website: and about the Chapel of Jimmy Ray:

Anado and Pritama

Pritama writes:

I first met Anado riding the bus to Antelope before the Ranch had phones. He worked in Zorba the Buddha and I in the purchasing trailer. He connected with everyone on the bus and teased and cajoled his ways into all our hearts.

Some years after the Ranch we ended up being roommates in Sausalito, California. I remember giving him the book The Artist’s Way which he loved and thanked me for it so many times over the years. It inspired him to recommence with his artistic endeavors. He started making necklaces in a room under the house and I am the proud owner of one of his first creations.

Anado was colorful even back then but his colorfulness was more in how he touched our hearts, made us laugh and feel seen, and special.

When he met Richard I was so happy that he had found a true partner. They then moved to San Miguel in Mexico and it was fabulous to see the transformation of a cement block of a house into a magical feast of color and mythical display.

He always stayed in touch and would often call just to say he loved me. I will miss those calls so much. We fought like siblings too as we both have our share of fire, but he always made sure that we made up and confirm our undying love for each other.

I will miss you, dear Anado, my brother, my friend, and wish you godspeed on your journey into the mystery.

Anado in white

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Above photo selection thanks to Sudheer


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Three years ago Anado came to visit me in Tuscany together with his partner. It was so touching and beautiful to see my colorful friend again and to again share and connect in our hearts.

We have been friends for so many years; the Ranch, then San Francisco after the five of us had left the Ranch and rented a house together – and then Pune again.

Such a wonderful soul, very supportive, very clever and with a never-ending humorous way of seeing things and himself. I never felt him ever being hard on anyone.

Fly high, beloved friend. You are in my heart,



Thank you to my beloved friend Pritama for her beautiful tribute to a man very very loved and loving. I didn’t know about his website but can’t wait to go and see – even in the title, The Chapel of Jimmy Ray and House of Frogs. I know I will get to enjoy again his incredible sense of humor, and creativity way out of the box. We were bus drivers together. I only heard two years ago through a client from there that he was actually in San Miguel – we sent each other a hi and I was planning to make it there – life had other plans… I love you, Anado, thank you for gracing us all with your gifts, your love. Beloved – Enjoy your flight!

Gate, gate, paragate beloved Anado… A long history we have, and through it all you have been a kind and generous spirit. From our first days in NYC as beat poet, Jimmy James Strange, meeting on the subway to an abortive Grateful Dead concert in Prospect Park, our days on the Ranch and in Marin, to the last days in San Miguel Allende as Anado, eccentric creative brother of Wavy Gravy… I’ve always loved the uniqueness of your spirit… beyond, beyond, go beyond, sweet Anado…

Ah, Anado, when Existence made you, they threw away the mold. You are unique even among all of Osho’s quirky people. You’ve touched many people’s hearts, and what more can you say about a well-lived life? Good job!

Oh, I am sadly touched, my dear friend, so far away and so close to my heart…
In my heart you will be forever… you are in my laughter and in my thankfulness.
It was a great gift to meet you and a great gift that we never lost contact over all these years; we always had a loving feeling for each other…
Fly high, fly in the endless sky!
Grateful for ever!

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