Vedaprem / David Seeber


…left his body on 12 March 2021.

David Seeber

David Seeber, firstborn son of Premrup, brother to Hira and Jason (Madhav), blasted off from the physical plane on March 12, 2021 at 1:08 PM EDT.

A loving, gentle, fierce, angry, huge-hearted, crazy, emotionally dramatic, being. Rascally rabbit. BMW Motorcycle maven.

One typical David story – this one having to do with Osho and sannyas:

Long after the rest of his family had taken sannyas – he angry that Osho had taken us away – the divine Satya Priya from New York was visiting us. A phone call told us that Osho had gone into silence. For a very very very very long time, Priya and David stared into each others eyes. When they exited the in-trance connection, David announced that he was going to take sannyas. He did. Named Vedaprem (Wisdom of Love). He was a divine fool in the game of love. Not too long afterwards, he got angry, burned his mala and flushed the remains down the toilet.

That 1:08 PM EDT departure time struck me right away.

Love thief.

He stole our hearts.



Veepers, you manic!!! If ever there was a genius to freak on this planet, it was you. Who else could learn Hindi and Spanish together while working on Harley’s/ tying flies for fly fishing/ mountain biking impossible trails / pursuing an electricians career and still have energy left to make trouble!!! You are loved, brother… Be at peace and fly high…

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