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…left her body on 18 May 2021.

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Keerti writes:

Ma Anand Madhu was Osho’s first sannyasin, and the first president of Osho’s Neo-Sannyas movement.

After having stayed in a hospital for some time because of Covid, yesterday evening Madhu Ma asked to be taken from Rishikesh to the Osho Resorts Hotel in Dehradun. This morning at 5:30am she called five or six friends and told them to not unnecessarily delay her cremation. At 5:55am she closed her eyes, fully aware, and departed to the other shore. She was cremated in Rishikesh at about 2.00pm today.

Osho gave a historical tribute to Womanhood, by initiating a woman into his Neo-Sannyas.

“I gave that watch to the first of my sannyasins. The name of my first sannyasin is Ma Anand Madhu – a woman, of course, because that’s what I wanted. Nobody has initiated women into sannyas like me. Not only that, I wanted to initiate a woman as my first sannyasin, just to put things in balance and in order.” *

Osho made me meet Ma Anand Madhu, the very first day he initiated me into sannyas on September 4, 1971. I was sitting in his room and through the intercom Osho called, “Madhu, Mala Lao. Madhu, bring a mala.” And he turned to me saying, “This is Ma Anand Madhu. From tomorrow she will be the coordinator of the Kirtan group, and tomorrow this group starts travelling around India, and you join this group and go with her.”

Swami Chaitanya Bharti (now Whosoever-ji) was the leader of that group. It was so wonderful to have a Mamma to take care of us, who were all in our twenties, keeping us all together, with love, and feminine grace.

Madhu walking alongside Osho, Ajol August 1970
Osho, Laxmi and Madhu, Ajol, August 1970
Ma Madhu standing on extreme right, Manali, September 1970
Madhu and Neelam meditating, Manali, September 1970
Kirtan Mandali on journey to Gadarwara
Kirtan Mandali on journey to Gadarwara
Mt. Abu
Pathkar Hall, Bombay
Pathkar Hall, Bombay

Ma Anand Madhu started an ashram, Vishwaneed – the Nest for the world, in a small village near Mehsana, where in 1972 Osho sent his Kirtan group (there were also some western disciples including American Astha, who later worked in Lao Tzu kitchen) for 21 days in deep silence. This was for all of us to have a deep experience of total isolation and silence. Osho was not there physically, but he had promised that he would be available non-physically whenever the need arose. And I did feel his presence. All this was arranged by our Ma Anand Madhu.

She had the deep desire of going deep into meditation and, in 1974, she decided to work more on herself by being in silence. And in isolation and silence, she remained for almost 2 decades, in a Gujarati ashram in Rishikesh. Sannyasins from around India and Nepal, and some other countries visited Rishikesh just to have a glimpse of Ma Anand Madhu. She was always welcoming to all seekers on the path. Ma Amrit Mukti and Ma Divyagandha, who live in Dehradun in their center Osho Om Bodhisattva Commune, were among the regular visitors.

There are quite a few Osho centers in Rishikesh-Haridwar-Dehradun area, and their coordinators always came to seek guidance from Ma Anand Madhu. Osho Gangadham is a prominent ashram in Rishikesh that is flourishing, thanks to her guidance and patronage. Sannyasins from India and Nepal will deeply miss her, as they always loved to visit her.

* Glimpses of a Golden Childhood, Ch 3

Historical photos thanks to Anuragi

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I owe my life and sanity and meditation to her. Twenty years ago, when I was 19, some blessing brought me to her feet. I was meditating for more than 6 hours a day, and using meditation as an escape from studies and all the worries of the world. I was lying about the status of my studies to parents and everyone.
And one hit from her gave me the courage to be more truthful, to complete my studies… At her feet I started understanding Osho’s message of one hour of meditation and then doing whatsoever you do with totality…

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